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40 years of laboratory automation you can buy

Zinsser Analytic are supplying customized turnkey solutions of automatic platforms, robotic  cells for, and complete workflows: Liquid handling from nanolitres to millilitres, Blending, Formulations, Organic Synthesis, Catalyst Development,  Preformulation Screening (Salt & Polymorphscreening , Solubility Studies, excipient Compatibility studies), dry sample distribution and dissolution of library compounds, plate preparation for HT-Screening, complex sample preparation systems for analysis of environmental samples, herbicides, pesticides, radioactive and hazardous materials.
Automation speeds up Drug Development
With the introduction of the first parallel synthesizer SOPHAS® in 1988, Zinsser Analytic helped the pharmaceutical industry to speed up the development time for new products. Since then a wide range of automated workbench and robotic systems have been developed and installed in the industry as systems for
Synthesis                                            Batch- and flow-chemistry
Extraction and Purification          High throughput dispersing, filtration and Solid Phase Extraction
Formulations                                     Handling liquids, solids, viscous materials and solids
Preformulation Screening          Solubility, dissolution,  dispersity , polymorph- and salt-screening, degragation testing
Sample Management                   Taring, capping and de-capping of vials, weighing and commissioning and dissolution of library compounds, assay plate preparation,
Sample Preparation                      Nanoliters to milliliters, mixing, heating, cooling, filtration, pelletizing,  sieving, image control, analysis by GC, LC, photometers, densitometers, viscositimeters, colorimeters etc
Several  hundred systems have been installed in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, chemical companies and research facilities around the world.
A very high percentage of the installations are customized or have been developed to specific customer requirements following a modular concept.  Four  platforms of different dimensions and X,Y,Z-mechanics  are available for the integration of the workflow specific moduls:
“Basic” for standard applications as vial filling, capping, decapping, sample collection, Lissy® X,Y,Z- from 1 to 3meters with 1 or 2 arms, Zinsser-M, high speed heavy load X,Y,Z-system 1-2m deep and up to 3,5 m long and CLEV, a workcell with a 5 or 6 axis robot on a 1-3m track.
More than 200 operation modules mostly developed in house  are available for customization. Most of them have been engineered  by the company. All mechanics are manufactured in house.  The deep vertical  manfucaturing structure (engineering, metal machining) allows quick response to customer enquiries. All moduls , platforms and mechanics are manufactured in house.
All Zinsser systems are controlled by the company´s  proprietary software WinLissy® created in more than 60 men years of software development.
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