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Aequus, Ehave enter comprehensive patient data management collaboration

Ehave’s bioinformatics platform technology to be used to evaluate Aequus’ products in multiple neurological disorders
Singapore- Aequus Pharmaceuticals Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company with a focus on developing, advancing and promoting differentiated products, and Ehave, Inc., a healthcare bioinformatics company whose platform efficiently captures, integrates, and delivers high-quality clinical data and treatment tools, have entered into a collaboration agreement whereby Aequus will incorporate Ehave’s bioinformatics platform to enhance and streamline data management processes for Aequus-sponsored clinical trials studying specific Cannabinoid-rich formulations for treating a number of neurological disorders. The Companies had been working together under a previously announced Letter of Intent established in August 2017.
“Our thinking regarding conducting clinical trials of various cannabinoid containing formulations has advanced substantially since we signed the original Letter of Intent with Ehave. We have a number of different trials in late-stage planning and see multiple opportunities for us to leverage our traditional pharmaceutical expertise in designing and implementing clinical programs, but we also see growing opportunities for us to leverage our existing relationships with Canadian clinicians and take advantage of our existing pharmaceutical sales infrastructure to better serve clinicians and Insurers as it relates to medical cannabis. We and Ehave are in a unique position to generate meaningful product safety and efficacy data in a variety of trial settings in a very efficient and cost-effective way,” says Doug Janzen, Chairman and CEO of Aequus. “In our most recent comprehensive physician survey regarding factors that prevent them from recommending medical cannabis products, Canadian clinicians identified the lack of robust clinical data in a real-world setting for such products as a significant limiting factor.”
The terms of the agreement are similar to that of the original Letter of Intent.  Aequus will pay Ehave a per-patient fee for trials conducted using Ehave’s platform and Aequus will receive patient assessment, diagnostic and therapeutic outcomes and side-effect profile content from formal and informal studies conducted using the Ehave platform, subject to standard patient consent and clinical research ethics approvals. Aequus will own all clinical results and data generated from trials using the Ehave platform.