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Allan Lloyds Taps MediciGlobal CEO Liz Moench to chair Patient Recruitment and Retention Summit, February 17-19, 2015 in Berlin

This event, in its 7th year, is Europe’s leading patient recruitment–retention conference Philadelphia, USA | London, England, January 23, 2015
MediciGlobal Ltd., a world leader in patient recruitment – retention for clinical trials, today announced its Chief Executive Officer Liz Moench has been selected to chair the Patient Recruitment & Retention Summit 2015 conference in Berlin, Germany, February 17 – 19, 2015. The two-day event, sponsored in partnership by several firms, focuses on the key advances and innovative approaches in patient engagement, recruitment and retention in global clinical trials aimed at accelerating drug development timelines. The conference program encompasses ways in which pharmaceutical companies utilize Web-based techniques, informatics tools, diagnostic data and media-based recruitment methods to identify, reach and recruit the appropriate patients. Three key conference themes are patient engagement, study site performance and case studies. Representatives from AstraZeneca, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi-Aventis, and others are scheduled to present at the conference. The event is the most recognized of its kind in Europe, involving senior decision makers from more than seven counties and insights from the world’s foremost patient recruitment experts.
Pharmaceutical companies are tasked with navigating a fast-paced, competitive and seemingly ever-changing landscape, beset with rising costs. According to Liz Moench, Pharmaceutical companies are under increasing pressure from insurers and payors regarding drug prices, resulting in reduced profits and an increased focus on research for diseases that don’t have adequate treatments and finding ways to differentiate their products from competitors in terms of effectiveness and convenience.“Pharmaceutical companies will have to become far more selective when entering a new treatment area, which in turn requires patient recruitment companies and specialists to prove their effectiveness at precisely reaching niche patient groups including patients with rare diseases.”
Patient recruitment is a critical component of drug development in order to drive clinical trial efficiency, often making up for delays resulting from slow study start up, drug supply, logistics issues and other factors. “This year’s conference will help attendees in planning and implementing strategies aimed at reaching, qualifying and connecting patients with study sites as quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently as possible,” adds Moench.
“It is my great honour to chair Europe’s leading patient recruitment and retention conference for the seventh time. Each year surpasses the last in quality of content, learning and innovation. I continue to be impressed by the expertise of the speakers, and their willingness to exchange insights in such a candid and transparent manner,” says Moench. “This year’s agenda covers best practices for recruiting and retaining patients, new trends in recruitment, cost-saving tips and the importance of patient-centric strategies. MediciGlobal specializes in employing innovative digital recruitment strategies supported by online insights data to precisely reach niche-patient populations, so I’m pleased that these topics will also be covered at the event.”
In addition to chairing the conference, Moench will also be presenting a case study from MediciGlobal that demonstrates effective turnaround of studies in ‘rescue’ that are failing to meet their timelines.
Allan Lloyds 7th annual Patient Recruitment & Retention Summit will be held at the Marriot Courtyard Hotel in Berlin City Center. For more information about the event or to register, visit
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