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Ashfield Healthcare Communications joins forces with MIMS in strategic alliance

Ashfield Healthcare Communications is pleased to announce the creation of a new global alliance; joining forces with MIMS, Asia’s largest multi-channel provider of drug information, medical communications, events management and marketing services.
Ashfield Healthcare Communications, part of UDG Healthcare plc, provides global healthcare communications solutions for clients, adding value by connecting insight, intelligence, and expertise to flawlessly execute powerful, multichannel communication solutions. Ashfield Healthcare Communications has a global network of 1,300 employees, collaborating with more than 100 pharma, biotech, device and nutraceutical companies.
For over 50 years, MIMS has been a trusted medical knowledge source dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals.   MIMS’ diverse expertise ranges from data-driven marketing and events management to scientific strategy and digital medication safety solutions. Today MIMS is present in 16 markets across Asia Pacific with approximately two million healthcare professionals subscribing to its drug and resource portal, digital and print publications; a one-of-kind resource within the region.
In light of an increasing trend among pharmaceutical companies to conduct launches, scientific meetings and marketing programs across multiple territories, Ashfield Healthcare Communications and MIMS recognised the strong need for, and value of, establishing a non-holding company approach to their current and future client relationships, complementing each other’s geographic reach and ultimately providing streamlined agility in the delivery of their healthcare communications capabilities. The synergy between MIMS and Ashfield is the ability to take the compliance-based local knowledge within these countries and execute global programs at the local level. Both are capable of producing innovative, highly scientific healthcare communications, which will now deeply extend across Asia, US and Europe.
Ashfield Healthcare Communications President Doug Burcin said: “I am delighted with the creation of this strategic partnership. Ashfield Healthcare Communications has operated in the US, Japan and Europe and now with MIMS we are able to extend our services throughout Asia Pacific.  Together, our alliance expands global and local delivery for Ashfield clients to an additional 16 APAC countries and provides unprecedented expertise and cross-collaboration of healthcare communications by both parties.”
Victor Wright, Chief Client Officer of pharma marketing for MIMS said: “The partnership with Ashfield will form the largest and most comprehensive high-science medical communications network globally. The collaboration will provide us both with additional expertise and territories, opening up fantastic opportunities to deliver the best resources for our international pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical devices clients.”