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Astell Attend Analytica Virtual with flagship AVS range.

Astell Scientific are coming to Analytica Virtual on the 19th of October, and bringing their flagship AVS series with them. “Analytica Virtual promises to be a great opportunity to meet with both familiar faces and new autoclave users in a truly global space” said Astell’s Sales and Marketing Director, Paul Birchmore.

The AVS demonstrates all the features available in the Astell range. A truly versatile and customisable autoclave series, the AVS can autoclave anything steam-sterilisable… subject to it fitting into the 1200L chamber! With the option of a shaft driven, gas-sealed cooling fan actually inside the chamber aiding the water-cooling jacket, the AVS can drop the temperature of tricky-to-cool objects fast – 70% faster than with an external fan alone! This can significantly increase throughput and productivity.

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