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Biopharma Group launches the latest analytical instruments for advanced microscopy and thermal analysis; the Lyostat5 and Lyotherm3

Establishing the behaviour of frozen state solutions is an essential step in many industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotech and freeze drying. Understanding the critical temperatures for each solution can improve the longevity and efficacy of the processes that use this phase. Often, cycles may be operating at lower temperatures than is required which leads to longer processing times and therefore inefficiency. Having detailed and clear analysis data will allow for determination of clear parameters which in turn will result in increased efficiency and productivity.
In addition to understanding critical temperatures, distinguishing the phase transitions that occur during lyophilisation also promotes efficiency and stability. The most effective method of determining these phase transitions is impedance analysis (Zsin?). The Lyotherm3 developed by Biopharma Group, is an analytical instrument for frozen state solutions, combines both electrical impedance (Zsin?) and traditional thermal (DTA) analysis techniques, adding a new dimension and increased accuracy to data, allowing for greater detail and more informed decision making. Its ability to carry out both levels of analysis means that the Lyotherm can show far more about a solution behaviour than even mDSC.
The benefits of this cutting-edge technology are all down to the user experience. Its new closure design allows for easier verification of status and operation due to cabling being bundled and the need for raising and lowering the block being absent.
When combined with Biopharma’s Lyostat5 (FDM), a complete picture of the behaviour of the frozen material can be obtained. Measuring the eutectic point (Teu) and collapse temperature (Tc), the Lyostat5 enables the end user to obtain knowledge about the product’s collapse behaviour. This is vital when developing a new cycle, scaling up or developing a formulation for freeze drying as freezing a solution at the right temperature will save time and money.
Both the Lyotherm3 and Lyostat5 are supplied fully validated with installation and training offered as standard.