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West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

By Your Side for a Healthier World

Every day, injectable drugs are administered to improve the lives of millions of patients around the world. And every day, West is working by your side to
design and manufacture drug packaging and delivery systems that will bring our customers’ drugs from concept to the patient more efficiently, reliably and safely. West understands our customers’ challenges and helps with solutions every step of the way, with cutting-edge production technologies, an unmatched expertise in global regulatory compliance, and an ever-growing knowledge base of pharmaceutical drug product testing, development, packaging and delivery. Whether focused on one piece of the process or an end-to-end solution, West is by your side for a healthier world.
 Solutions for Drug Packaging, Administration and Delivery Systems
West is a leader in developing and manufacturing packaging and delivery systems that enhance the administration of pharmaceuticals. The products we make and the services we provide help improve health care for people around the globe. West supports its customers from locations in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
A History of Innovation and Expansion
Since its founding by Herman O. West in Philadelphia in 1923, West has played a major role in advancing the progress of health care. In its early years, West provided components for packaging injectable drugs. Our pioneering efforts enabled the widespread distribution of life-saving drugs such as penicillin and insulin. Today, West works side-by-side with its health care partners to design and manufacture drug packaging and delivery systems that will bring their drugs from concept to the patient more efficiently, reliably and safely.
Providing Solutions for Global Health Care
Headquartered in Exton, Pennsylvania, USA, West provides innovative solutions for injectable drug administration for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies around the world. Where appropriate, West facilities have earned ISO certifications and comply with applicable Current Good Manufacturing Practices. In addition, our facilities meet applicable standards for registration with the United States Food and Drug Administration and Drug Enforcement Administration, if appropriate. Regulators are requiring drug companies to provide an increasing amount of data about the safety and effectiveness of their products. West Analytical Services, an FDA-registered laboratory, can help fulfill many of these needs by providing testing as part of the drug development process, specializing in packaging and delivery system support.
Tomorrow’s Solutions Delivered Today
Today’s pharmaceutical and biotech discoveries lead to innovative new therapies that will become tomorrow’s health care solutions. West is at the forefront of advancing those therapies with delivery systems that enhance the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals. West provides an array of innovative products, services and support – helping our customers deliver drugs that are pure and safe.
NovaPure® Components
Patient safety influenced the design process for NovaPure stoppers and syringe plungers from start to finish. West developed NovaPure components by incorporating Quality by Design principles to help ensure enhanced component reliability and an unrivaled level of quality. With NovaPure components, pharmaceutical manufacturers can help ensure a safe injectable drug product for patients.
Westar® Processing
Eliminates work-in-process and component preparation issues for ready-to-sterilize and ready-to-use components. The Westar process is a documented, validated process for preparing pharmaceutical components in accordance with international regulatory requirements.
West Spectra® Seals
Tamper-evident West Spectra seals help ensure patient safety and product security by incorporating multiple layers of protection to combat drug counterfeiting and help keep supply chains safe.
Injection System Platform Technologies
West’s platform technologies provide solutions for self-injected drugs covering a range of dose volumes and drug viscosities. West’s platform technologies include the ConfiDose® and SmartDose® injector technology platforms.
Needle Safety Systems
West’s needle safety systems provide protection for health care workers and patients against accidental needlestick injuries. In extreme cases, needlestick injuries can lead to serious problems such as hepatitis B and C and HIV. West provides both passive and active needle safety systems.
Daikyo Crystal Zenith® Ready-to-Use Solutions
The Crystal Zenith polymer is break-resistant and highly transparent. Available in a variety of vials, containers and syringes, a solution using Crystal Zenith polymer is the answer to drug product life-cycle management.
Administration Systems
West develops and manufactures safety and administration systems for the reconstitution, mixing, transfer and administration of injectable drugs. Mixing and transfer systems include MixJect®, Mix2Vial®, Vial2Bag® and vial adapters.
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