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C-CAMP, AUM Biosciences partner to develop small-molecules as anti-cancer drugs

This partnership recognizes AUM Biosciences (AUM), a Singapore-based biotechnology company, as an international incubatee of C-CAMP in the pursuit of developing novel small molecule cancer drugs.
The Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP), India’s premier bio-innovation hub has signed an agreement with AUM Biosciences, a Singapore based biotechnology company to strengthen its focus on the pre-clinical development of small-molecules as anti-cancer drugs. The agreement recognises AUM as one of CCAMP’s first international incubatees.
Under this collaboration, C-CAMP will provide AUM with access to ongoing oncology research and drug development in the Indian biotechnology arena through its existing networks, and will pair that with AUM’s rich experience in early drug development. CCAMP will also provide AUM with assistance in IP filing, MTA agreements etc. By tapping on each party’s strengths, this symbiotic partnership hopes to advance India-discovered and developed small molecules as drugs for cancer therapy for patients in need across the world.
The partnership creates an avenue for Early Phase commercial exit for C-CAMP’s existing startups in the oncology space that share AUM’s mandate and vision by making way to license out their technologies. AUM has committed to offer its support to C-CAMP’s existing start-ups, in line with Start-up India and Skill India initiatives by the Indian government. AUM Biosciences offers world-class drug development and regulatory strategies designed to rapidly move candidate molecules along the drug development pathway.
Welcoming the formalization of AUM’s incubation at C-CAMP, Dr. Taslimarif Saiyed, CEO & Director, C-CAMP said “ Cancer continues to be a huge healthcare burden across India and impacts both livelihood at the personal level and economy at the national. C-Camp is looking forward to having AUM as its international incubatee and supporting AUM’s efforts in building new cancer therapeutics. We hope that this partnership will also allow global collaborations for Indian academia and startups.”.
“AUM was found on the foundation of developing drugs in “Asia for global”. We are committed to working with C-CAMP to support the various initiatives by the Indian government. This partnership will enable us to leverage on AUM’s therapeutic innovation expertise to identify, develop novel cancer treatments in Asia,” Vishal Doshi, Founder and CEO, AUM Biosciences.