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Introducing a New Era in HPLC

Fraser McLeod, Vice President of QA/QC for Waters Corporation, explains how Waters’s next-generation Alliance™ iS HPLC System will revolutionise productivity and efficiency for modern QC …

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IPI Speaks with PharmaLex’s Local Affiliate Services Lead on the Rapidly Changing Global Market

Q: Can we start with some insights as to why the Local Affiliate Services solution was established and what its overarching objectives are? A: There …

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Current Features

The Four Trends Set to Disrupt Highly Regulated Industries in 2023

Bob Tilling, VP Global Sales at Kallik identifies four trends set to disrupt manufacturers in highly regulated industries in 2023: the industrial metaverse, the need …

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Vaccine Regulation in India

Vaccines are the most important health intervention. Vaccination stimulates the immune system to identify and battle invaders such as viruses or bacteria. A vaccination encourages …

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Serving the 0.05% of Patients Living with a Rare Disease

Increasing adoption of digital trials and data-driven commercial strategies has laid the foundations for improved pinpointing of treatments and speedier diagnoses. Though estimates show that …

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Unlocking the Potential of Drug Discovery Labs with Automation

Trying to achieve more without increasing costs, sacrificing quality, or slowing down growth is a constant mission for any expanding business or industry – but …

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How to Harness the Benefits of Inhalation When Re-formulating Biologics

The biologics market is growing rapidly and is on track to be worth $719.14 bn by 2030, up from $366.6 bn in 2021.¹ This growth …

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Advancements of Gene Editing Technologies(CRISPR/Cas9)

An Introduction to Gene Editing – CRISPR-Cas9 The dynamic promise of gene editing for humans is the ability to precisely manipulate the sequence of the …

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Gene Edited iPSCs May Find a Place in Allogeneic Therapies

An Introduction to Pluripotency Pluripotent: adjective; capable of giving rise to many different cell types. This is the hallmark characteristic of the induced pluripotent stem …

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Accessibility in Rare Disease Paediatric Clinical Trials

Approximately 360 million people globally are living with a rare disease. Over half of these are children. Many of the diseases are life-threatening and only …

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