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CNX acquires four cancer drugs from Clinigen

The purchased therapies concerned are Cardioxane, Totect, Ethyol and Savene.

CNX Therapeutics – a company focusing on boosting medicine access – has announced that it has acquired four cancer support products from Clinigen.

The four therapies concerned are Cardioxane (also known as dexrazoxane), Totect (also known as dexrazoxane), Ethyol (also known as amifostine) and Savene (also known as dexrazoxane). All of the treatments help alleviate the side effects that individuals may experience when treated with other cancer drugs.

Cardioxane is used among adults with breast cancer to prevent long-term harmful effects on the heart caused by treatment with certain anthracyclines. It is accessible in the UK, Europe and several other global markets.

Totect treats anthracycline extravasation as well as being used for preventing cardiomyopathy, associated with doxorubicin in women with metastatic breast cancer. It has been made available in the US.

Ethyol reduces the cumulative renal toxicity of cisplatin among those with advanced ovarian cancer, while also being used to decrease the toxic effects of radiation on normal oral tissues among patients with head and neck cancer.  Again, it is available in the US.

Savene is used to treat anthracycline extravasation in adults – a rare condition that can impact cancer patients – and is currently available across the UK and Europe.

The purchase of these treatments represents a considerable addition to CNX Therapeutics’ wider portfolio of critical hospital products.

Jerome Charton, Chief Executive Officer at Clinigen, explained: “This divestment marks another milestone in Clinigen’s continued strategic evolution towards providing high-value services to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.

He added: “These medicines have been integral to Clinigen, but as we refocus our efforts, it is crucial to align our offerings with our core strategy and I’m delighted that CNX Therapeutics will be acquiring these brands.”

CNX Therapeutics’ CEO, Guy Clark reflected: “The addition of these products to the CNX portfolio strengthens our position as a provider of critically important hospital injectable products, and demonstrates our commitment to improving the lives of patients by ensuring the supply of essential medicines.

“We recognise the great value of these products to prescribers and patients, and are very pleased to partner with Clinigen to transition this important portfolio of products and to ensure ongoing continuity of supply.”

CNX Therapeutics was acquired by Inflexion Private Equity – a private equity firm – in 2021.