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Complete Solutions For Comprehensive Drug Discovery

Access AMRI’s scientific expertise and state-of-the-art technology to solve your most complex drug discovery needs. Our capabilities include discovery biology, assay design and development, phenotypic and high-content screening (HCS), gene editing and cell line production, synthetic and medicinal chemistry, ADMET, and bioanalytical services, to accelerate your drug discovery.
AMRI’s HCS capabilities provide biologically relevant readouts and throughput to drive your research. For rapid, sensitive results, we conduct conventional and next-generation high-throughput screening with world-class instrumentation such as PerkinElmer’s cell::explorer™and Bruker’s MALDI PharmaPulse™. We deliver faster data and image analysis, balancing flexibility, automation and scalability.
In addition, AMRI’s Compound Library Consortium (CLC) provides access to diverse, high-quality compounds. Our emphasis on synthesizing the right compounds, purifying them to >90%, and designing them for diverse targets can help achieve compounds with the best chance of providing quality leads suitable for lead optimization activities.
Leverage our individual capabilities, or vertically integrate your projects with our complete suite of services across our Drug Discovery and Development, API Manufacturing and Drug Product business units.
If you’ll be at SelectBio on April 25–26, join us for our poster presentation, Multiplexed Live Cell Phenotypic Screen for Cytoskeletal Disrupting Agents. We would also be happy to talk with you at Tabletop 2 about your current needs.