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Cresset: innovative science and intuitive software

Chemists from the world’s leading research organizations trust Cresset to help them understand the key chemical interactions that underpin biological activity. We provide software and services to 8 out of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies.
Save time and money using our in silico methods to identify the molecules that matter to your project. Discover, design and optimize the best small molecules with:

  • Unrivalled insight into your protein-ligand systems
  • Outstanding visualization and multi-parameter optimization tools
  • Biologically relevant searches of millions of compounds.

Cresset software suite comprises:

  • Flare: Outstanding new methods for your protein-ligand system
  • Forge: Ligand-focused suite for understanding SAR and design
  • Torch: Molecular design and SAR for medicinal and synthetic chemists
  • Spark: Discover new directions for your project using bioisosteres
  • Blaze: Virtual screening optimized to return diverse new structures

Use our software in-house or engage our scientists to work alongside your research team.
Excellent science is the foundation of our software. Cresset technology centers on the application of the XED force field to the design of new small molecule bioactive compounds. We integrate cutting edge approaches that we develop in-house with significant open source and commercial methods from trusted partners to bring you new insights for molecule design.
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