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drupa 2016: The first complete solution for pharmaceutical carton boxes

Individual design in multiple colors
and secure serialization in one operation

  • For the first time, the DIGILINE Versa is now combining serialization and Late-Stage Customization in multiple
  • This allows considerable stock reduction of pre-printed box versions – and significant saving potential to be
  • The basis for this is an integrated comprehensive solution with integrated Unique Code Software.

The two greatest challenges in the field of pharmaceutical packaging at present – serialization and Late-Stage Customization – can now be realized presumably for the first time worldwide with a single system solution: Atlantic Zeiser is presenting the new DIGILINE Versa at the drupa 2016 (Hall 15, Stand B02). The demand is high. As many different national labeling and serialization regulations, as well as significantly falling lot sizes are a major challenge. “With DIGILINE Versa, it is now possible for the first time, to print flat or even already-glued carton boxes with all of the necessary labeling, including serialization, just-in-time and in multiple colors. In this way, the costs for logistics and warehousing can be minimized, particularly with lot sizes reducing constantly. This results in significant saving potential, particularly with high value products that are only marketed in small quantities”, says Helmut Schneider, Product Group Manager Pharma & Packaging Solutions at Atlantic Zeiser. For this purpose, DIGILINE Versa, is equipped with superior inkjet technology, for a pin sharp print result at a speed of 50 meters per minute.
The ink used is resistant to water, alcohols and other solvents. With the scalable printing width, a diverse range of box formats can be processed, of up to 300 millimeters in width. Furthermore, it is also equipped with the powerful Unique Code Software, that allows serialization according to existing and future serialization regulations without duplications and with process reliability. The integrated camera system, which verifies the print quality of the Late-Stage Customization subsequent labeling, as well as the serialization, hands over the inspection result to the machine control which makes sure that only good products can arrive on the delivery.
Efficient and process safe package
The Unique Code Software included in the package ensures that no duplicated serial numbers are assigned or printed. At the same time, all coded serial numbers are permanently and securely stored in the database for later usage. Thus contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) and pharmaceutical companies are able to fulfill extremely high requirements for product quality and reporting of production data. Furthermore, the Unique Code Software allows production orders to be distributed across several machines, interrupted, if necessary, and redistributed, in a risk-free manner. This allows a highly flexible and efficient way of production planning. The overview of machines and orders is always maintained with the integrated order management functions – even if several machines are used in parallel or at different locations. Therefore DIGILINE Versa provides an efficient and safe serialization solution for that is free from duplicates and operator errors.

One-stop integrated solutions for serialization, track & trace, and late-stage processes
The Pharmaceutical and Packaging Solutions division of Atlantic Zeiser ranks among the leading suppliers of sophisticated individualization, serialization and track & trace solutions that efficiently and seamlessly monitor product movements, securely verify authenticity, and reliably protect against counterfeiters. Innovative digital printing uses drop-on-demand technology to create superior-quality labelling, coding and marking solutions – from primary packaging to late-stage customising in the pack printing segment.
Specifically for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, the division develops tailored systems to facilitate the reliable, legally compliant, cost-efficient and fast application of unique security features to individual and mass products. Atlantic Zeiser’s track & trace systems bring together the latest machine and printing technologies with intelligent and fully compatible software architecture. The company addresses the particular needs of the pharmaceutical industry with its MEDTRACKER serialization software, and offers BRANDTRACKER to support the sophisticated brand protection endeavours of the cosmetic segment. Elements of these database solutions are also available to packaging manufacturers and other suppliers to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries in the form of unique code software.
Atlantic Zeiser’s other division is Security Printing Systems, which supplies not only systems for personalizing ID cards, banking and credit cards, as well as gift and other customer loyalty cards, but also solutions for numbering banknotes in any currency, and serializing passports.
Atlantic Zeiser has its head office in Emmingen in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, and oversees nine facilities worldwide as well as sales and service partners in around 50 countries.
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With DIGILINE Versa for the first time flat cartons can now be printed just in time with all required country specific and colored elements such as logos, ingredients and serialization codes.