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Gerresheimer Medical Systems at Compamed 2017: From usability engineering through to a CE-marked product

As a full-service provider, Gerresheimer Medical Systems will be attending the Compamed trade fair in Düsseldorf from November 13 to 16, with an exhibit at booth P33 in Hall 8A of the grounds. 
“Medical technology systems are subject to increasingly stringent requirements in terms of material, design, function, and quality,” says Peter Wallrabe, Global Director Product Design Medical Systems at Gerresheimer. “We support our customers from the initial product idea through to further product development.” This applies to small-scale production too, where it is possible to supply development and clinical samples at any point in a project involving anything up to small-scale production.
Here is an overview of the comprehensive range of products:
Gerresheimer works closely with leading pharmaceutical companies to develop and produce powder inhalers, capsule inhalers, and nebulizers for treating respiratory illnesses such as asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), and cystic fibrosis.

Whether it’s
glass syringes, plastic syringes (made of COP or COC), needle-free syringe systems, safety syringes, or auto-injectors, Gerresheimer is your competent partner for contract development, industrialization, and contract manufacturing of injection products.
Pen injectors
In the
pen injector product segment, Gerresheimer’s key expertise lies in making high quality, reusable pen injectors and producing cost-efficient disposable pens, including glass cartridges. Our many years of experience in the lancing devices and lancets segment is a particular asset here. We actively explore dermatological questions such as penetration behaviour and pain development. This insures that active ingredients such as insulin and other hormones are administered efficiently with minimal pain.
Lancing devices and lancets
Gerresheimer Medical Systems has been tackling the issue of diabetes for over 15 years. We develop and produce lancing devices, lancet drums, and lancets for low-pain blood recovery for a leading diagnostics company, and are in the fifth generation of devices already.

Lab disposables
Whether it’s disposable products for sample preparation, reagent vessels and tips for sample preparation, pipette tips for pipetting reagents, cuvettes and microtiter plates for sample analysis, or a cartridge containing the reagents – we develop and produce customer-specific lab disposables for the entire sample throughput.  

Point-of-care tests
20 years of experience in the production of point-of-care tests make us the ideal partner. Whether it’s for drug detection, pregnancy tests, emergency parameter detection, or allergy tests, and whether it’s for use in a physician’s practice or in an analysis device in the lab, Gerresheimer develops and produces complete point-of-care tests, including loading the point-of-care test with test strips and filling the test with the required dilution solution.

Medical devices
When it comes to developing medical devices from the idea through to series production, we are a reliable cooperation partner that combines innovative strength and industrialization expertise. On behalf of our cus-tomers, we develop and produce medical devices such as disposable systems for a hemostatic scalp clip system and for artificial respiration. We also manufacture disposables for trocars, components for blood pumps, and operation grips made of plastic. We specialize in both
fully automated large-scale production and manual and semi-automated small-scale production of complex, technically sophisticated injection moulding products.