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Healome Therapeutics to accelerate development for ocular disease

Studies have demonstrated that Healome’s formulations have anti-fibrotic activity and are augmented when combined with other therapeutics.

The University of Birmingham has announced the creation of a new spin-out company – Healome Therapeutics – to commercially deploy a platform that acts as a ‘pro-healing’ microenvironment for the leading causes of preventable blindness.

The Healome technology is a novel fluid-gel material that flows like a liquid and self-structures into a thin, clear, protective layer over the surface of the eye, which is gradually dispersed and cleared away by blinking over two to eight hours.

Treatments from the platform will likely come in the form of clear degradable ‘ocular bandages’ that can be applied like normal eye drops.

The gel can be used alone or as a ‘carrier molecule’ to deliver other therapeutics. Studies have already demonstrated that one of Healome’s formulations has anti-fibrotic activity, and these healing properties are augmented by combining it with other therapeutics.

Professor Grover, who is also a co-founder of Healome Therapeutics, said: “There are many cutting edge drugs on the market or in development for diseases that affect the surface of the eye. One of the biggest challenges is to keep therapeutics on the surface of the eye for sufficient time for them to have an effect and more generally to regain or replace all the functions of the tear film.”

CEO of Healome, Dr Richard Williams, added: “Ocular surface diseases leading to dry eye have a disproportionately large impact on health, well-being and the ability to enjoy life. These conditions can also be very expensive for patients to manage. There are many unmet patients, clinical and industrial needs in this area, which Healome Therapeutics is well-placed to address.”