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Health – Made in Germany: win-win service for partners around the globe

Designed with health care manufacturers and consumers in mind, the initiative Health – Made in Germany is the place to start when creating win-win situations for partners in Germany and around the globe. The web portal features industry directories, health care sector news, and information on the latest on exhibitions, trade missions, and events.
Health – Made in Germany
Germany’s health care service works for the people it serves, at home and abroad. This can be attributed, first and foremost, to the country’s years of experience in delivering innovative, reliable, high-quality products and services to domestic and foreign users. The initiative “Health – Made in Germany” now aims to bring the German health care industry’s strengths to even more places around the world.
Health – Made in Germany is where partners interested in Germany should look first to discover how they can gain access to and benefit from the country’s long commitment to innovation, quality and reliability in health care.  The initiative leaves people “in-the-know” about trade missions, finding business partners and learning more about the many markets where Germany operates.
Germany is a place where ideas, ingenuity, and quality meet. It is also one of the world’s leading health care exporters. German companies routinely deliver standard-setting products to places all around the globe and beyond, whether it is to patients in the Australian outback, astronauts aboard the International Space Station – the ISS, or hospitals in major cities such as Beijing or Mumbai.
 Medicines, medical devices, health care products and systems Made-in-Germany can be found everywhere. Extensive experience in providing health care speaks for German suppliers. It demonstrates they are willing, ready, and able to tailor products to suit the geographic, social, and economic needs of health care providers and patients in any type of environment. And of course, providing long-term service and training is part of the package as well.
 Connect with a click
The initiative is a service in itself. The aim is to create win-win situations for partners, health care providers and, first and foremost – patients – regardless of their location. Where Health – Made in Germany can help most is perhaps in negotiating the country’s health care industry, which has become very complex through years of success and growth.
The initiative provides information, links partners, and paves the way for Germany to apply its extensive health care experience to serving people everywhere. One key aspect is Health – Made in Germany’s English website
It is the place to start looking for the latest information about Germany’s health care industry and what it can do for you. The site features news, information, and the latest on exhibitions, trade missions, and what is going on in Germany’s health care sectors. That means taking the initiative to find out more about “Health – Made in Germany” is as simple as clicking a mouse.
 Work with professionals
The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology has commissioned Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) to implement the initiative “Health – Made in Germany.”  GTAI is the economic development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany and enjoys close contact with organizations representing companies that serve the health care industry.
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