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Holland Highlight Their Innovative Tablet Tooling Services at ACHEMA

Hall 3 H100

I Holland, a world leading manufacturer of tablet tooling for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, will be demonstrating its latest innovative services, together with its portfolio of products, to the process industry at ACHEMA, Frankfurt from 11-15 June, Hall 3 stand H100.
For over 70 years, I Holland has been pioneering and transforming the manufacture of tablets with its advanced developments. “I Holland continues to push the boundaries of tablet design and manufacture by consistently improving and developing new services and products to enable our partners to make better tablets. ACHEMA will allow us to bring these advances into the spotlight and introduce our products to what is always an influential audience,” said Marketing Manager Alex Bunting
“ACHEMA will be used to particularly focus on I Holland’s services, including design and training. We will have a live design studio on the stand where visitors can see how we develop tablets from the ground up to prevent common problems like sticking and picking by considering important features like the shape and profile of the tablet, and tooling required to make them successful. There will be a rapid prototyping service demonstrated from the stand, so following designing the perfect tablet, visitors can see the drawing come to life and hold the tablet in their hand only a few hours later.”
I Holland will also demonstrate its flexible online training package during the show, which gives manufacturers the ability to train staff and manage specific requirements and certification easily and at their convenience.
“We believe training and support delivered through flexible channels is an important service that many tablet manufacturers are looking to adopt,” explains Alex.  “As regulations and record keeping are ever more stringent, the requirement for advice and training which can be implemented quickly is essential. This is where support through a variety of sources will be important. I Holland has always supplied high quality technical support and training, but these on-line training tools enable individuals and businesses to receive expert knowledge literally at the touch of a button. This style of training can focus on specific elements of tablet manufacture and provide the appropriate information and certification to the individual.”
A further service being demonstrated during the event is I Holland’s Tool Management System (IH-TMS) which has already been implemented successfully around the globe.  It allows proactive monitoring of tooling rotations, inventory and maintenance. The software has been specifically developed to maintain efficient, well-organised and in-depth monitoring of tablet production giving manufacturers a complete audit trail on tooling usage and maintenance. It also incorporates an in-depth guide to tooling specification and troubleshooting. Furthermore, it has the capability to archive tablet and tool images and drawings incorporating an alarm to alert users of any problems including over compression, when maintenance is required and even when tooling replacements should be planned.
With new services and products continually being developed, I Holland will soon be announcing further innovative products to be exhibited at ACHEMA.
Visit I Holland in Hall 3 stand H100 at ACHEMA, Frankfurt from 11-15 June.