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How Technology Can Make Pharmaceutical Packaging Design an Easier Pill to Swallow

Packaging is one of the most vital components of modern commerce. It must define and promote a product and brand whilst being functional and providing relevant information. Steve Morris at Visual Components discusses that the packaging should attract customers, augmenting their interest and confidence. It is an essential part of any product that should never be overlooked.


How Technology Can Make Pharmaceutical Packaging Design an Easier Pill to Swallow

Pharmaceutical packaging has to be exact, for storage and transit and ultimately to saves lives. As well as protecting medication, it requires material traceability, good manufacturing practices, consistent quality and often child-resistance. The packaging must also support clear labelling to ensure customers fully understand what they’re taking, as the safe consumption of pharmaceutical products depends on how well a patient understood the instructions. The tight regulations even relate to the label itself and the glue that’s used to attach it. Drug packaging is also hugely influential in consumer decision-making, conveying trust in the safety and efficacy of the medicine provided.

Some pharmaceuticals are produced in small quantities to enable product diversity while others are manufactured in huge volumes. Some have patent protection while others are generic products with strict cost constraints. Pharmaceutical companies set aggressive and tightly
co-ordinated schedules, with no room for error or miscalculations. Compliant packaging requires precise manufacturing management.

Achieving Sustainability in Drug Packaging

Whilst safety, not environmental friendliness, is the top priority for pharmaceutical packaging, sustainability is a critical consideration for any sector in today’s society. Customers too now have a greater focus on sustainable purchasing, increasingly gravitating towards businesses and products that benefit the environment. Embracing greener approaches has become a key strategic aim for drug developers and there is a tremendous opportunity within the manufacturing practices and processes for it to become more sustainable

Sustainability in pharmaceutical packaging should be considered holistically to understand how a positive impact can be achieved throughout the supply chain and how to embrace technical, environmental and social practices in this endeavour. For example, this could include incorporating more sustainable and efficient design at the beginning of package development.

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