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IDBS takes Bioprocess Execution Solution to the Cloud

IDBS announces the release of its latest Bioprocess Execution (BPES) informatics solution. Leveraging the IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud platform, the solution provides an out-of-the-box capability that enables cell-line development, fermentation scale-up and purification, and clinical supply workflows to be executed in a single, unified, and compliant informatics and data management environment.
Dr. Paul Denny-Gouldson, Vice President, Strategic Solutions, IDBS said, “the latest incarnation of BPES takes advantage of the latest technology platform that IDBS offers – simplifying scientists’ laboratory-based working, whilst ensuring the highest level of compliance and regulatory requirements. Clients can also simplify their lab informatics environments and take advantage of the validated cloud solution IDBS now offers. Our BPES solution leverages E-WorkBook Inventory and other IDBS platform modules to deliver an appealing and streamlined end-user experience”.
“We’re focused on making sure we support all aspects of large molecule (biomolecule) research and development – an area that historically has been poorly served by informatics but that is growing rapidly. By packaging up the solution and delivering it to our customers via the cloud we can support the largest multi-site customers. But, it also enables IDBS to support those smaller customers where on-premise custom solutions are cost and risk prohibitive”, added Dr. Denny-Gouldson.
Using their many years of experience, IDBS has ensured the solution meets the rigorous regulatory requirements and has already successfully delivered the BPES solution to its customers. E-WorkBook for Bioprocess provides the required workflows, reports, sample tracking, reporting, instrument integrations and full implementation documentation (IQ/OQ), in a single packaged cloud offering for all laboratories in the bioprocess space. Cell line development, scale up, purification, analytical, and clinical supply groups can now get access to the considerable return on investments (ROI) and state of the art quality assurance (QA) that come from deploying BPES.