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Identify samples by colour to increase productivity

The new BradyJet J2000 easily prints reliable, full colour labels for every sample!

The more samples laboratories need to process, the more time consuming it becomes to retrieve one specific sample. Brady Corporation proposes sample colour coding to solve this and offers the new BradyJet J2000 Colour Label Printer to do it, to stay productive and to avoid spending too much time on sample hunting.

Watch the BradyJet 2000 Colour Label printer in action!

Sort samples by colour

The BradyJet J2000 Colour Label Printer can print any colour on reliable laboratory sample labels. By setting up a colour code, laboratory specialists will be able to recognise sample categories at a glance. With over 16 million colour variations, users may switch colour every day, or use a different colour per application, storage or urgency type depending on the needs of their laboratory. Next to colour, the BradyJet J2000 also offers 4800 dpi photo quality print to add highly legible data or barcodes a decent scanner could ever misread.

Print reliable labels

The BradyJet J2000 prints on Brady’s reliable laboratory sample labels that come in matching sizes and shapes for most sample containers including tubes, vials, cryo containers, dishes, plates and general glassware. These labels are designed to stay attached and to remain legible when printed with a Brady printer, even if they are stored in liquid nitrogen and in freezers, or when used in hot water baths or autoclaves. Brady’s laboratory sample labels can also resist common laboratory chemicals like acetone, ethanol, toluene, xylene and IPA.

Easy to use

With 26.4 by 38.9 cm dimensions, the BradyJet J2000 has a small footprint and is very practical and easy to use. Spring loaded Brady label rolls can be switched in less than 20 seconds and with automatic label set up, the printer is ready to print in no time. And with up to 101.6 mm per second print speed, even larger colour coded sample labels can quickly be printed on demand.

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