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Iksuda Therapeutics exercises licensing rights from University of Goettingen

UK-based biotech company Iksuda Therapeutics has executed its option to secure exclusive worldwide rights to develop a new class of tumour-activated prodrug payloads from the University of Goettingen.

This comes following a successful collaboration between the two parties which exemplified the series in antibody drug conjugate (ADC) formats.

Iksuda will advance development and commercialisation of the new class within its pipeline to create new ADC therapeutics for nominated targets associated with haematological and solid tumours with high unmet needs.

Iksuda’s partnership with the University of Goettingen confirmed the value of tumour-selective activation of cytotoxic agents, conjugated with Iksuda’s stable conjugation technology in the therapeutic index of ADCs.

“Iksuda’s successful partnership with the University of Goettingen, led by Professor Lutz Tietze, and subsequent licensing agreement demonstrates our continued work in building and refining approaches to ADC development,” said Dave Simpson, chief executive officer, Iksuda Therapeutics.

“We are successfully responding to the industry-wide challenge of being able to treat all patients with cancer.

“Iksuda remains focused on building a pipeline of next-generation ADCs with improved therapeutic index through our internal and external pipeline, harnessing our deep understanding in the field and accepting the challenge of targeting areas of high unmet clinical need,” he added