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Increase your output while minimizing experiment costs and time

See what BMG LABTECH’s dedicated High Throughput Screening microplate reader PHERAstar® FSX can do for your work in the lab. The PHERAstar® FSX is the most sensitive multi-mode reader for High Throughput Screening, combining this sensitivity with fast read times. Thanks to the unique Optic Module system, Simultaneous Dual Emission, UV/vis spectrometer, and dedicated AlphaScreen® and TRF lasers, the PHERAstar® FSX will perform your assay with ease and speed, even in 3456-well microplates.
The following features of the PHERAstar® FSX have been developed to shorten the reading time as much as possible:

  • The most sensitive reader in fluorescence intensity and polarization
  • The only plate reader with 5 assay-dedicated detectors
  • Simultaneous Dual Emission, including for Alpha Technology
  • 9 decades luminescence dynamic range
  • Dedicated AlphaScreen®/AlphaLISA®/AlphaPlex™ laser
  • New generation TRF laser
  • Top and bottom focal height adjustment
  • High-precision injectors with simultaneous reagent injection and detection
  • High-speed absorbance measurements

No longer worry about installing filters and dichroics: the PHERAstar® FSX comes with easy-to-handle, assay-optimized Optic Modules which contain all application-specific filters, mirrors, dichroics and/or polarizers, and are automatically recognized by the plate reader. In addition, the PHERAstar® FSX is equipped with four matched and assay-optimized photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) which are automatically selected for the relevant detection mode.
For HTS automation purposes, the PHERAstar® FSX offers improved robotic integration capabilities and multi-user control.
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