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June 11, Complimentary Live Webcast Impact of ISO IDMP on business processes in practice: Implications on INFOTEHNA’s products

ISO IDMP standard should come into effect in mid-2016 and shall introduce new requirements for data integration across companies. IDMP will not only affect regulatory affairs: all business units will need to capture and compile data in order to be submitted to the authorities.
How is your company preparing to be ISO IDMP compliant in time? Have you already chosen software and vendor? Would you like to see how we can help – for real?
Tune in to our live webcast. We will:
  • In the introduction, briefly explain challenges and opportunities of IDMP and describe the “Integral by design, Modular by implementation” solution concept
  • Show you where is the IDMP data coming from and how can youefficiently handle the migration and integration process
  • Explain our solution’s usability by showcasing how we allow the User to get control over complexity of IDMP
  • And finally exhibit the win-win implementation approach of IDMP and Master Data Management

Tune in to our live webcast and see how INFOTEHNA can help your company on the journey towards meeting the deadline and being compliant with the ISO IDMP!
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