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Machines and Complete Lines for Pharmaceutical Tablet Production

As one of the worlds-leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical oral solids production machines, L.B. Bohle provides customized retail and all-in-one production lines for pharmaceutical tablet production. Operating internationally with an export rate of up to 80%, L.B. Bohle develops and manufactures machines and processes for the pharmaceutical industry covering all production steps of the tablet production processing stages.

Comprehensive product portfolio for tablet processing

L.B. Bohle provides pharmaceutical production companies and contract manufacturers with a comprehensive portfolio of machinery and solutions for pilot and production scale of oral solid dosages. The production takes place in “Made in Germany”, which secures the highest quality standards. L.B. Bohle provide machines and processes for weighing & dosing, wet and dry granulation, grinding and mixing systems, milling equipment, sieving systems, as well as tablet coating and tablet sorting machines, and a broad range of handling equipment. In the handling sector, L.B. Bohle is famous for lifting columns, washing and drying modules and containers.

Granulation Equipment – Dry and wet granulation for tablet production

Whether the company requests a wet or dry granulation process, L.B. Bohle has a complete portfolio of solutions to provide the optimal application. The company offers a broad range of granulation systems, including fluidized bed systems, high-shear granulators, compact granulation modules, single-pot granulators, continuous twin-screw granulation systems, and roller compactors for a dry granulation process.

The aim is to offer the optimal system to guarantee top-quality and efficient processing. All granulation systems can be individually configured for optimal performance, to ensure the best efficiency and cost-effectivity for any application.

Milling and sieving machines for pharmaceutical OSD production

In the pharmaceutical industry, L.B. Bohle’s milling and sieving machines are considered state-of-the-art precision granular size reduction facilities pursuant to industry standards. The hammer mill, conical sieve system and rotation sieve produced by Bohle are designed according to GMP standards and offer the maximum flexibility to integrate the system versatile into the process. So, the sieving systems and mills can even handle the most complex products to ensure optimal particle size distribution.

Blending systems for pharmaceutical solids production in laboratory and production scale

It is very hard to find a pharmaceutical production facility without an installed L.B. Bohle blender. When an efficient and hygienic mixing of powders in the pharmaceutical solids production process is requested, L.B. Bohle serves a broad range of blenders with several pick-up systems. From laboratory blenders optimised for R&D to large-scale production blenders, the blending procedure is scalable for volumes between four to 12,000 litres.  

Tablet Coating machines for pharmaceutical tablet production

Film coating and tablet coating is a crucial process steps in pharmaceutical tablet production. The aim is to reach optimal product appearance, active ingredients processing and ease of swallowing. The tablet coating process can be divided into three steps: spraying, blending and drying. These three steps must be highly coordinated and executed with optimal precision to achieve the best coating uniformity and tablets without damage. L.B. Bohle’s film coating machines and tablet coaters are distinguished from best-of-class product processing and optimal output ensuring maximum profitability.

The tablet coating technology of the flat tablet bed and patented spirals enables continuous product movement and delicate processing. Furthermore, a unique air system and high spray volume ensure high quality and shorten process times by up to 35 percent.

Product Handling for tablet production

Perfect Handling is a key objective of improving manufacturing operations. L.B. Bohle offers a broad range of standard and customized handling systems for storage, transportation lifting and docking and even drying and cleaning. All applications ensure flexible and optimal integration in the production process and seamless synchronisation of all process stages.

A wide range of different containers is available. No matter if you request round and square, mobile or stationary containers, L.B. Bohle provide the optimal sizes and solution, which can be used as stand-alone units or integrated with blenders, or cleaning systems.

Lifting columns or post hoists can be integrated and versatile into the production process.  For example, lifting columns are used for charging process machines such as tablet presses or coaters, or packaging machines. As well as individual machines, L.B. Bohle also deliver integrated handling solutions. All integrated solutions optimize the production process and increase efficiency and product and operator safety.

Continuous manufacturing for pharmaceutical solids

Continuous manufacturing is still a hot topic in pharmaceutical processing. The implementation of continuous manufacturing process secures several advantages for the manufacturers of pharmaceutical solids such as quality aspects, cost savings, higher flexibility, shorter R&D cycles and operator safety. L.B. Bohle also has longstanding expertise in providing systems and entire production plants for continuous manufacturing. Besides the patented continuous manufacturing plant QbCon®, which facilitates the production of solid drugs, from powder to coated tablet through direct compression, dry and wet granulation, L.B. Bohle offer stand-alone systems for continuous production steps. Applications for twin-screw granulation, drying and continuous coating can also be integrated as stand-alone systems into the production process.

Containment systems for pharmaceutical manufacturing

More than 60 percent of pharmaceutical products are produced as tablets, capsules, lozenges, or similar solids. Especially in new products active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are becoming increasingly more potent.

L.B. Bohle provide versatile stand-alone or integrated containment applications for handling and process machines. All solutions serve to offer the best possible protection to operators and the environment in handling API’s and HAPI’s. The use of proven components guarantees high process reliability and stability and set the optimal basis for the construction of containment components.

All L.B. Bohle containment applications are characterized by fast and easy cleaning and operator functionality.

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