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Lactium®, a natural bioactive for stress relief

How Stress affects mental health

Today, stress is a part of our daily life: 90% of the global population regards itself as being stressed, and 95% considers that stress and anxiety have an impact on the health. People can clearly make the connection between stress and mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, psychosis and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to WHO latest statistics (2017), 264 million people are affected by anxiety disorders in the world.

In 2020, mental well-being is considered to be an essential part of health, ranking first among consumers’ perception of health. Particularly in this time of crisis, Covid-19 pandemic creates stress throughout the population and people seek solutions to tackle such an issue.

Lactium®: a natural ingredient to help manage stress and sleep disorders

Lactium® is a good solution for natural products lovers. With no addiction or side effects, this 100% natural milk protein hydrolysate contains a bioactive peptide with relaxing properties called alpha-casozepine. Lactium® acts as an anxiolytic with an affinity for the GABAA receptor, more specifically for its benzodiazepine site. 9 clinical trials on more than 500 volunteers have already demonstrated Lactium® efficiency on stress issues and sleep disturbance, with a recognition by the scientific community through several published articles.

Claims for Lactium® in 2020!

In March, Lactium® was granted by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as a functional ingredient for health functional foods, to help improve sleep quality.

In April, US FDA recognized 7 functional claims for Lactium® to cope with stress and sleep troubles.

The dietary supplements manufacturers featuring Lactium® in their products for adults will be able to communicate on the benefits of this unique natural bioactive on their new products.

It is obviously a great recognition of the efficacy of Lactium® on stress and sleep how it can really help people recover mental wellbeing. Incorporated for more than 20 years in over 300 products designed for sleep support and stress management, Lactium® provides a natural way to gain restful sleep and serenity!