Current Edition

Modularity in Laboratory Scale

The dynamics of the world market proves more and more that companies have to be flexible in their production. In addition to quality, numerous factors like rebuilding times, flexibility of processes and batch sizes or the data collection play an even bigger role. The rapid and flexible reaction to complex demands is the main focus of the focal topic “Flexible Production” in this year’s ACHEMA. Equipment in a modular construction offers the possibility to switch between different processes. Especially for the development of new recipes modularity will be unavoidable in order to still being competitive on the market. This is the exact point for the laboratory equipment Midilab RC by DIOSNA Dierks & Söhne GmbH to demonstrate its strength. It has, like the smaller version Minilab RC, a modular construction that offers a rapid change between a fluid bed and a tablet coater module. Because of the use of different sizes of product bowls and drums, the batch size can be adapted ideally to various processes. A swiveling and tilting operator terminal with stainless steel housing allows a flexible adjustment for the operator. The basic unit comprises the air control and regulation technologies that are needed for all of the processes. Furthermore, the front side is designed as a work bench to provide suspensions or to put down accessories like a balance. The picture is completed by the variety of processes. While sugar and film coating can be done in the three different drums of the coater module, the fluid bed module enables efficient granulation and coating via top-, tangential- or bottom spray in four different product bowls.