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myTomorrows and brainstrust partner to support patients living with brain cancer

Affecting 80,000 people in England, 12% of brain tumour patients survive beyond five years of diagnosis.

myTomorrows has announced a new partnership with a UK-based charity, brainstrust, to support individuals living with brain cancer.

The partnership will help equip patients with knowledge of relevant treatment options, participation in clinical trials and access to pre-approved drugs, while supporting clinicians when recruiting patients to relevant clinical trials.

Brain tumours affect around 80,000 people in England, with only 12% of patients surviving beyond five years of their diagnosis.

As part of the agreement, the charity will provide its patient network with timely, up-to-date and useful information surrounding credible and accessible clinical trials, along with myTomorrow’s expertise and support.

In addition, myTomorrow’s trained patient navigators will play a key role as a single point of contact to help guide patients with brain tumours and their loved ones, as well as healthcare professionals, through medical care and help them make the best decisions during their treatment journey.

Using a GDPR-compliant ISO 27001-certified platform, myTomorrow helps patient search for available trials and supplies relevant medical information from databases worldwide to help determine and provide what is available for patients and physicians with possible pre-approval treatment options.

Michel van Harten, chief executive officer, myTomorrows, commented: “This partnership forms part of our overall mission to raise patients’ and physicians’ awareness of different treatment options while enabling pharmaceutical companies to expand access throughout the drug development cycle.”

Helen Bulbeck, director, policy and services, brainstrust, said: “This partnership means that people can build on the confidence and focus they have gained through their coaching with brainstrust and apply it to securing access to tangible options with the support of myTomorrows.”

In March, myTomorrows partnered with the ALS Association to improve the accessibility of future clinical trials for individuals living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a fatal motor neurone disease.

Leveraging the global health company’s platform, the collaborations aim to ensure that patients and physicians are up-to-date with pre-approval treatment options and clinical trials.