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NCEs and API – Quality by Design

The development and manufacturing of NCE and API is striving for simplifying and shortening timelines, as well as for making more efficient use of chemicals, equipment and facilities. Currently, many pharmaceutical companies are developing green chemistry technologies, as a means to improve production efficiency and reduce costs by incorporating more environmentally friendly methods of green production into the synthesis of APIs and intermediates.

Medicilon is an integrated CRO providing comprehensive one-step new drug R&D for pharmaceutical companies and research institutions around the world. Located in Shanghai Nanhui Industrial Park and Hangzhou biovalley, Medicilon`s 180,000 sqm laboratory is equipped with a comprehensive library of instruments and is managed under a high-tech business model and philosophy, aimed at guaranteeing the quality and efficiency of any project undertaken. Bolstered by high-throughput chromatography and mass spectrometry, and advanced processing software, Medicilon sets high standards for compound screening and analysis, optimization of lead compounds, analysis of chemical and physical properties of compounds, and other drug R&D processes.

At Medicilon, chemistry and biology are ingrained in every project. Relying on a rich experience in innovative design and patent strategies that complement state-of-the-art technologies, the company`s chemistry team is capable of flexibly applying computer chemistry to assist compound design process. And perfectly equipped to take on multi-dimensional business such as custom synthesis, compound library construction, SAR compound synthesis and screening, compound structure and biological activity optimization.

PROTAC Drug Discovery Technology Platform

At Medicilon, the Medicinal Chemistry Department has established a PROTAC drug discovery platform that contains popular target protein ligands. Medicilon has also set up libraries for high-affinity targeting protein small molecule (TPSM) and small molecular fragments, libraries for high-affinity ubiquitin ligase small molecule (E3SM) and small molecular fragments, and linker systems that include diversified bifunctional linkers (BF-Linker).

These compound libraries help to quickly and efficiently synthesize a large number of high-activity PTROTAC bi-specific small molecules, thus greatly accelerating the process of drug R&D. Also, the company is committed to initiating and completing its PROTAC biological screening and testing platform, and the follow-up development of preclinical stages.

Nucleic Acid Drug R&D Platform

Medicilon`s nucleic acid drug R&D platform is an integrated and comprehensive solution that covers drug discovery, CMC, and preclinical research services. Based on a rigorous scientific attitude, an open-minded scientific spirit and advanced equipment, this integrated solution can meet the industry’s research and development needs for cutting-edge innovative nucleic acid drugs, and undertake research programs like nucleic acid drug discovery, screening and preclinical research services for pharmaceutical companies and scientific research institutions worldwide.

Medicilon uses medicinal chemistry and computational chemistry to design and synthesize drug-like templates and libraries of compounds meant to increase clients’ compound collections. The annual capacity of Medicilon`s library production is more than 100,000 compounds.