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Nemera: user-centered design and quality manufacturing to drive better patient outcomes

Nemera is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of drug delivery devices for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and generics industries. Nemera offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services across ophthalmology, nasal, inhalation, dermal, transdermal and parenteral delivery. Nemera’s vision is to be the most patient-centric drug delivery device company. Nemera always puts patients first, providing high-quality solutions that have a demonstrable impact on patients’ health.

Nemera’s newly branded Insight Innovation Center, with offices in North America and Europe, provides consultative services to support your overall device strategy.

Nemera’s products

Nemera’s services and products cover several key delivery routes:

  • Ophthalmic (multidose eye droppers for preservative-free formulations)
  • Nasal, Buccal, Auricular (pumps, valves and actuators for sprays)
  • Parenteral (auto-injectors, pens, safety devices & implanters)
  • Dermal and transdermal (airless & atmospheric dispensers)
  • Inhalation (pMDIs, DPIs)

Nemera’s innovation department leverages multi-skilled teams to develop tailored electronic technologies across multiple device platforms. Our electronic concept devices showcase several features to make patients’ life easier such as delivery assistance, live feedback and adherence aid to their treatments.

Nemera also developed eNemera CS, the cloud solution to store and share data generated by our electronic devices.


Nemera offers a multidose closing tip system, Novelia®, which avoids the need for preservatives in the drug and prevents bacterial contamination over the duration of treatment.

Novelia® is an innovative, user friendly, preservative-free multidose eye dropper with a precision blue tip, which is commercialized for both Medical Devices and Prescription drugs. It is recognized and appreciated by patients today across 5 continents. It is useful for applications for dry eyes, glaucoma, allergies and more.

Electronic devices: e-Novelia®

e-Novelia® is the electronic add-on to combine with our multidose eyedropper Novelia® for enhanced patient experience.

e-Novelia® won the ‘Excellence in Pharma: Drug Delivery Devices’ Award at CPhI Worldwide 2018.

Ear, nose, Throat

The number of drugs delivered through the nasal, buccal and auricular route is expanding. Patients need high-performance and reliable spray systems. Nemera offers various technologies with a full range of pumps & valves platforms.

Created to improve patient experience and adherence, the Advancia® technology platform is a combination of user-independence & preservative-free features in one single device.

The Advancia® project is co-financed by the European Union. Europe is committed in Normandy with the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

SP270+ and SP370+: are our versatile pumps for regulated markets for ear, nose and throat sprays..

SP27 and SP37 are our most popular devices with a large range of actuators for ear, nose and throat spray delivery.

Nemera also launched its new child-resistant spray system for oral and nasal sprays in collaboration with Roy LeClair.

Nemera will provide off-the-shelf devices available for key identified nasal drugs and useful advice for a successful development with respect to bioequivalence requirements.

Electronic devices: e-Advancia® and Safe’n’Spray

e-Advancia® is the combination between our high performance pump Advancia® and a reusable electronic add-on to improve patient compliance.

Safe’n’Spray™ is the smart electronic concept device with locking features to monitor drug delivered and prevent overdosing.

Safe’n’Spray™ won the Pharmapack ‘Best Innovation in Drug Delivery Device’ Award in February 2020.


Nemera leverages decades of manufacturing and development experience in the parenteral device segment to offer patients premium products and customers a complete service.

Nemera has developed Safe’n’Sound®, a fully passive safety device for prefilled syringes to aid in the protection of healthcare professionals, patients who self-inject doctor prescribed medications, and individuals that assist self-injecting patients, from accidental needlesticks.

Nemera developed also Safelia®, a breakthrough technology of auto-injector. This new generation of 2-steps auto-injector for fluid and viscous injections has been designed to ease patient self-injection experience and to deliver, in glass syringes, fluid formulations to challenging dugs.

Electronic devices: wearable concept

Our wearable concept integrates various technological bricks into a smart injection device.

Dermal and transdermal

Nemera’s dermal delivery devices have been designed to ensure patient compliance thanks to precise and consistent dosing which is critical especially when applying formulations for systemic treatments.

Sof’Bag® is a high performing airless pouch system for dermal and transdermal applications

Sof’Airless XS is a protective mini-airless system for small dose applications and sampling.


Consistency and reliability are critical for respiratory patients. Nemera has a recognized expertise in the development and manufacturing of respiratory drug delivery devices, such as Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs), pressurized Metered Dose inhalers (pMDIs) and dose counters.

End-to-end development offering

The Insight Innovation Center know-how allow to provide services spanning the full development lifecycle from front-end innovation (design research, human factors and design engineering) to strong late-stage development (pilot and industrialization, small and large scale GMP manufacturing). These newly enhanced capabilities enable Nemera to now offer complete end-to-end development services to all its customers globally and to collaborate with them earlier, supporting their complex drug delivery and medical device projects.

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