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New webinar to address patient intervention in observational studies

REGISTRAT-MAPI will be hosting the webinar “International Real World Post-marketing Studies that Involve Patient Intervention” on March 12, 11am-12:30pm EDT (N. America) / 3pm-4:30pm GMT (UK) / 4-5:30pm CST (EU-Central). Sign up online>>
There is an increasing demand for real world information from pharmaceutical payers and international regulatory agencies. Generally these studies only collect data available as part of routine clinical practice. However, the sponsors of these studies can gain substantial additional information on their patients in a real world setting by collecting additional data from patients including quality of life, patient satisfaction and other patient reported outcomes. In addition, with the increasing advance of gene testing in therapy choice, sponsors may also benefit from collection and storage of biological material from patients.

Our expert speaking faculty includes:

  • Dr. William Maier, Chief Scientific Offier & VP Epidemiology, Drug Safety and Risk Management
  • Dr. Carl de Moor, Vice President Epidemiology, North America
  • Sarah Rosen, Global Project Director

What you will learn:

  • What is an interventional observational study?
  • Different types of data that can be collected in an interventional observational study
  • Different country regulations and approval processes for interventional observational study
  • Setting up and running international real-world observational studies with:
    – Direct to patient data collection
    – Collection of blood/tissue/other body fluids – use in study and storage for future use

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