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Ompi EZ-fill® ISS: an Integrated Safety System for Prefilled Syringes

Ompi expands its Ompi EZ-fill® Syringes offer by adding up an Integrated Safety System (ISS) for staked needle syringes. Ompi EZ-fill® ISS is an innovative fully passive safety system designed to guarantee end users’ safety and reduce total cost of ownership for the pharmaceutical companies.
Ompi EZ-fill® ISS is the first development within the platform licensed by Tip-Top, a primary designer of proprietary safety needlestick protection devices and technologies. Based on their mini-Max design, Ompi EZ-fill® ISS avoids piercing after rubber needle shield removal, providing an end-user experience similar to a standard syringe.
“Ompi EZ-fill® Integrated Safety Systems (ISS) is a breakthrough in the safety systems technologies – says Andrea Zambon, Marketing Director Pharmaceutical Systems division at Stevanato Group. – In addition to end users’ safety and intuitive use, it enables the pharmaceutical company to maintain the glass primary container of choice. Ompi EZ-fill® ISS is designed to fit the existing fill-finish formats. It is supplied in a standard Nest & Tub configuration for easy processing on current fill-finish lines, with a significant reduction in terms of total cost of ownership.”
The Integrated Safety System is the result of a rubber needle shield inserted in a plastic shield with flexible wings, combined with a ring and a hub, pre-assembled on the Ompi EZ-fill® Syringe. Its functional performances allow locking the needle inside the safety device with no possibility to expose it again, after usage.
“After Ompi EZ-fill Integrated Tip Cap (ITC), the Ompi EZ-fill Integrated Safety System (ISS) is another successful result of the synergies within the Stevanato Group companies,”Mauro Stocchi, General Manager Pharmaceutical Systems division at Stevanato Group. “Balda, a provider of plastic solutions and delivery devices recently acquired by the Group, designed and produced all the plastic parts of the Ompi EZ-fill ISS, in order to perfectly fit Ompi EZ-fill Staked Needle Syringes.”
Ompi EZ-fill® Integrated Safety System (ISS) has been developed for all formats of staked needle syringes and it is customizable in terms of needle gauge & length, barrel volume, ISO standard rubber components and siliconization. It meets the needs of different drug products applications such as: biotech, heparin and vaccines.
Thanks to the safety systems platform, Ompi will be pleased to offer a wider range of safety systems in the future.
About Ompi| A Stevanato Group Brand:

Ompi is part of the Pharmaceutical Systems division of Stevanato Group. It offers the widest range of glass primary packaging, from the traditional ones such as vials and ampoules, to the high value ones as syringes and cartridges for auto-injectors and pen-injectors. Vials, cartridges and syringes are available also sterile and ready to fill (Ompi EZ-fill®).
Ompi boasts a global footprint with high quality production plants in Europe (Piombino Dese and Latina in Italy, Bratislava in Slovakia), Mexico (Monterrey), Cina (Zhangjiagang, near Shanghai) and a plant under construction in Brazil (Sete Lagoas, Minas Gerais). 
About Stevanato Group:

Founded in 1949, Stevanato Group is committed to create systems, processes and services that guarantee the integrity of parenteral medicines.
It comprises two operational divisions dedicated to serve the pharmaceutical industry: Pharmaceutical Systems with Ompi specialized in glass primary packaging and Balda, focused on specialty plastics and delivery devices; Engineering Systems with Spami, Optrel, InnoScan and SVM, specialized in glass processing, inspection systems, assembly and packaging solutions.
These two divisions enjoy a close, synchronous relationship, featuring daily exchanges which ensure that Stevanato Group has complete control over the entire production process.
The Group also benefits from the SGLab activity that provides technical and analytical services on the potential interaction between drug and container.