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OPTEL VISION Creates New Corporate Entity Dedicated to the Development of Socially Responsible Solutions: OPTEL GROUP

Quebec City, June 7, 2016 — Optel Vision announced today the creation of a new corporate entity, called Optel Group, which will now become the parent company of Optel Vision, as well as other business units that the company will develop eventually. Optel Vision will maintain its long-standing focus on the pharmaceutical industry, where its expertise is well-established. Unique engineering processes and the integration of highly complex solutions, combined with its global presence, will enable Optel Group to continue its mission, which is both technological and social, that is, to use its products and services to improve the human condition. “Our technologies save lives and the same will apply to every market that Optel Group will develop,” states Louis Roy, President of Optel Group.
“To ensure the longevity of our company and continue to make a real difference, we have to broaden our horizons and tackle other markets, in addition to the pharmaceutical industry,” specified Mr. Roy. The parent company will therefore oversee a group of business units that will use the same technologies, mainly in optics, electronics, computer science, and robotics. Each business unit will develop its own market and adapt these technologies to the particular characteristics of its clientele.
This is an excellent opportunity for Optel Group to state its core values. “We want to redefine the ability of a technology group to commit and become socially responsible. Our promise is to ensure that all our projects have a positive impact on all the communities we serve,” added Louis Roy. As a socially responsible entity, Optel Group acts with the utmost respect and is considerate of the interests of future generations, its employees, its customers, the environment and the various communities the company is involved in.
Optel Group aims to demonstrate the viability of this new business model that can benefit investors, management, employees and society alike. “All entrepreneurs carry within them the desire to give back to society and make the world a better place. I call upon this common purpose so that, together, we can build a viable future for our children.”