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PBOA Members Committed To Continuing To Reliably Manufacture Drug and Vaccine Products

March 17, 2020 – Ringwood, NJ – The Pharma & Biopharma Outsourcing Association (PBOA), a trade group that represents Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) and other service providers in the bio/pharmaceutical sector, reports that its member companies remain committed to serving patients by manufacturing effective, quality products for their customers, during this global health crisis, and report no material disruptions to their operations.

Gil Roth, PBOA’s President, commented, “Our member companies stand ready at full capacity to produce the drugs, vaccines and other therapeutics their customers supply to patients in the US and abroad. As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, we surveyed our members regularly about potential supply disruptions due to supply chain issues; they continue to report no material shortages of ingredients or key components.”

Mr. Roth continued, “Our members are diligent about the health of their employees, taking internal steps to minimize the number, size and frequency of in-person meetings, as well as restricting visits from customers and consultants, and staggering shifts to reduce potential for contact. As the virus spreads in the US, they presently report no material operational or staffing issues related to personnel or their families becoming ill.”

PBOA Chairman Peter Bigelow added, “PBOA’s member companies have significant capacity and technical resources that can be further deployed to bring important drugs and vaccines to patients as this crisis continues to develop. Some are already involved in the manufacture of investigational compounds to be used in clinical trials against COVID-19.”

PBOA’s members contract manufacture many key drugs on behalf of their customers, primarily in facilities in the US, Canada and Western Europe.