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Peli BioThermal Engages ATS Healthcare to Offer First Crēdo™ on Demand Drop Point in Canada

New location provides end-of-rental convenience for customers of Canada’s largest temperature controlled healthcare transportation provider
Peli BioThermal, the global name in temperature controlled packaging, announces the addition of the company’s first Canadian drop point. Located at the ATS Healthcare headquarters in Toronto, the new drop point serves to further the expansion of Peli BioThermal’s growing Cr?do™ on Demand rental program by providing an additional point of return for reusable shipping assets. ATS Healthcare is also a distributor for Peli BioThermal products throughout Canada.
“The Canadian pharmaceutical market is already the 10th-largest in the world and is forecasted to grow into a $25 billion industry by 2021,” explained Dominic Hyde, vice president of Cr?do on Demand at Peli BioThermal. “Our Cr?do™ rental programs provide customers with a cost-effective way of quickly expanding container fleets based on demand, without adding to overhead costs. Additional drop points, like that being offered at ATS Healthcare in Toronto, add further flexibility.”
As the largest provider in Canada’s temperature controlled healthcare transportation industry, ATS Healthcare offers end-to-end solutions for temperature management, security and other shipping requirements across Canada. The new Toronto drop point offers both Peli BioThermal and ATS Healthcare customers an additional option for returning Cr?do on Demand assets at the end of the rental period, including Cr?do Xtreme™ pallet shippers and Cr?do™ Cargo bulk shippers.
“In our experience, the Cr?do on Demand rental program provides the best range of temperature controlled passive shipper rental and leasing options. With so many of our customers already using Cr?do shippers to protect payloads with critical temperature requirements, we’re confident the addition of this drop point will allow us to better serve customers who are looking to improve payload volume efficiency and lower distribution costs,” said Bob Brogan, COO of ATS Healthcare.
To better support the rapidly expanding Cr?do on Demand program, the company is expanding both number of network stations — which act as the origin point for new assets, provide services including, and act as end of rental drop-off — as well as the number of drop points. The new Toronto drop point is one of more than 50 new drop points planned for 2018, including eight drop points in the U.S. and 13 drop points across Europe already announced.