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Peli BioThermal Opens Network Station & Service Centre in Crossroads of America

Peli BioThermal, the global name in temperature controlled packaging, announces the opening of a new network station and service centre in Indianapolis.
The facility will service, refurbish, repair and condition Peli BioThermal’s reusable Cr?do™ on demand shippers, which offer a high performance, flexible rental option for temperature controlled containers, such as the Cr?do™ Cargo.
In addition, the location will be a full Service Centre for Peli’s industry leading line of reusable parcel shippers, Cr?do™ Cube. The Indianapolis facility adds to Peli BioThermal’s growing footprint of network stations and drop points, planned to exceed 100 sites by early 2019.
The network station and service centre is located in close proximity to the Indianapolis International Airport, a major logistics hub for carriers such as FedEx, United Airlines Cargo and Cargolux, three of the world’s largest air cargo carriers. Additionally, the Indianapolis Metropolitan area is home to many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, including the Eli Lilly Global Headquarters and Roche Diagnostics North America Headquarters. The city is also host to major offices for Siemens, Baxter, Cook Pharmica, Covance Laboratories, BioStorage Technologies, Sentry BioPharma Services and Evonik, making this a prime location for Peli Biothermal to offer services.
“This new network station and service centre represents an investment in Indiana’s growing pharmaceutical and biomedical industry and is an indication of our industries growth overall,” said Dominic Hyde, vice president of Cr?do on Demand. “Our aim with this location is to increase convenience and flexibility for our customers to select the best locations for their business.”
The 50,000 square foot facility in the Plainfield, Indiana Gateway Business Park will be one of the largest locations in the quickly growing Cr?do™ on Demand network. An entire team of Peli BioThermal experts are being hired to staff the facility and offer the level of superior service achieved at network stations and service centres worldwide.  This facility is owned and operated by Peli BioThermal, so all activities will focus on their Cr?do Cube and Cr?do on Demand offerings, providing total commitment to customer needs.
The location complements the existing and expanding network of service centres, network stations and rental drop-off points spanning Europe, Asia and the Americas, providing customers with an additional option for returning Cr?do on Demand assets at the end of the rental period, including Cr?do™ Xtreme and Cr?do Cargo temperature controlled containers.
The Cr?do™ on Demand service is a high performance, cost effective temperature controlled shipper rental program allowing organisations to choose the shipper application that best fits the company’s requirements, logistics profile and budget.