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Peli BioThermal Showcases New Products At Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe

Innovative new shipper systems and services aimed at setting new standards in the temperature-controlled packaging industry will be launched by Peli BioThermal at Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe.
Peli BioThermal will showcase its pioneering products as well as unveiling its new high performance, reusable bulk shipper system, the latest in its range of innovative temperature-controlled packaging solutions servicing the worldwide market.
Among the products and services being exhibited by Peli BioThermal at Stand 38A/D at the 15th Annual Cold Chain Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany will be an advanced range of single use/reusable parcel and single use/reusable pallet shippers.
The key products being showcased by Peli BioThermal include:

  • Bulk Shippers including CoolPall™ Vertos, Cr?do™ Xtreme. The range includes single and reusable systems available for purchase or rental.
  • Parcel Shippers including the new Chronos™ Express, Chronos™ Advance and Cr?do™ systems™ – offering high performance single-use and reusable shipping options ensuring maximum thermal protection with standardised components for quick, error free assembly and inventory.
  • Cr?do™ on Demand – high performance, cost effective rental program for passive bulk shippers available globally with convenient pick-up and drop-off locations plus pre-conditioning availability for quick ‘load and go’ options.

Attendants at the conference will also be able to find out more about the company’s global network of service centers providing comprehensive packages for reusable temperature-controlled packaging requirements including:

  • Thorough inspections
  • Sanitation using UV light technology
  • Replacement components
  • Coolant conditioning
  • Kitting and packaging options
  • Distribution and inventory tracking

Paul Terry, Peli BioThermal’s Director of Sales EMEA, said: “We are thrilled to again attend this key event in the temperature-controlled packaging industry calendar.
“We are excited to be able to introduce delegates to our new launches, as well as demonstrating how our comprehensive range of single-use and reusable temperature-controlled shipper solutions are expertly engineered to meet the most challenging global standards of the life science industry.
“Our global network of service centers further ensures we continue to offer optimised and efficient solutions for the pharmaceutical, life sciences, clinical trials and leading supply chain logistics industry companies on an international scale.”
The new services and systems are the latest addition to Peli BioThermal’s full suite of products and services which offer longevity, reusability and sustainability to provide the safe transport of pharmaceuticals, tissue, diagnostics/clinical trials, vaccines and blood samples. These include:

  • Chronos™ Advance -a range of high performance single-use shipping systems, utilizing advanced insulation and phase change materials
  • Cr?do Cube™, Cr?do Duracube™ and Cr?do™ PROMED – reusable thermal cases that protect payload contents at defined temperatures longer than any other passive thermal shipper
  • Cr?do Xtreme™ – a full and half pallet (durable hard shell) of the Credo Cube which holds 406 and 890 litres and offers the same industry-leading temperature control duration
  • CoolPall™ Vertos – a high performance single-use bulk freight forwarding solution taken to the next level, designed as a flat pack, easily assembled product
  • Cr?do ProEnvision™ – Next generation asset management software

Peli BioThermal’s products and services will be exhibited at Stand 38A/D at the 15th Annual Cold Chain Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany. Visit to learn more about the wide range of Peli BioThermal reusable thermal shippers and services.