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Pelican BioThermal expands into Asia

Pelican BioThermal, a global leader providing the largest range of innovative temperature-controlled packaging solutions serving the life sciences industry, has expanded its presence in Asia.
The region is an area of pronounced growth for the company which is increasing investment in its infrastructure globally, significantly so in Asia.
The region is an area of increasing potential for pharmaceutical companies.
China is widely recognized as one of the biggest emerging markets within the sector with an estimated spend on pharmaceuticals in 2016 predicted to be in the region of $160 billion (according to the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics).
Key drivers of these expanding markets include extensive economic and population growth coupled with government health reforms and changing disease profiles.
Emerging markets today represent around 20% of global pharma market sales and offer a substantial future growth opportunity for the sector. For Big Pharma to operate successfully in these emerging markets and developing regions they rely on the effective and safe transportation of developed drugs, clinical trial and medical materials.
Responding to the increased supply chain requirements for the life sciences and pharmaceutical marketplace, Pelican BioThermal has extended its infrastructure, alongside its distribution partners, in these evolving regions.
These partnership developments align with Pelican BioThermal’s goal to expand distribution of their temperature-controlled packaging within growing and emerging world markets, including Asia and South America.
Pelican BioThermal unveiled its new Asia headquarters in Singapore. The new operational facility and service centre is a significant development in Pelican BioThermal’s expanding presence and support network in the region.
The new facility is the HQ for Pelican BioThermal Asia’s operation and the central base for the company’s Asia sales office, Cr?do™ on Demand rental fleet depot and the regional distribution hub our Cr?do™ reusable and Chronos™ single use ranges of shippers.
The Singapore site is also the location for the company’s Asia based, state-of-the-art service center, providing capabilities to refurbish and repair the Cr?do™ reusable line of shippers.
Alongside providing a Cr?do™ on Demand designated depot and product inventory, the new office is co-located with Pelican BioThermal’s distributor for Singapore, Enviropac.
The center is the latest advancement in the ongoing global expansion program by Pelican BioThermal who, in the past 12 months, has opened successful service centers for Asia, the UK and the second US service centre, on the East Coast.
With the current $10 billion global cold chain industry predicted to increase further, Pelican BioThermal continues to lead the way by providing thermal technology solutions.  As an area of pronounced growth for the company providing critical capabilities through its extensive network to deliver and manage assets in all regions, precisely meets customers’ business needs.
David Williams, President of Pelican BioThermal, is thrilled about the latest Asia development. He said: “As the global cold chain logistics industry continues to grow and evolve we are demonstrating how Pelican BioThermal is at the forefront of this expanding marketplace and has the capabilities to support the growing Asia pharma sector.
“Expanding our global footprint with the addition of this regional headquarters in Asia will be particularly beneficial for our growing customer base, who operate worldwide themselves. The new capabilities for distribution, service and support demonstrate our commitment to our customers and their operations in the Asia region.”
This latest development follows the company’s recent announcement of its partnership with Zuellig Pharma in Asia and further enhances the extensive range of products and services offered by the company in the region operating in a number of countries including Vietnam, East Malaysia and Indonesia.
The pharma partnership further aligns with Pelican BioThermal’s plans to grow in the region and the new contract, will see Zuellig Pharma in Vietnam utilize reusable Cr?do™ products and Cr?do™ Cube for parcel shipments.  Additional products being used to transport pharma products include the Cr?do™ Xtreme for bulk shipment, Cr?do™ ProMed and Cr?do™ DuraCube.
The benefits for the deployment of the Cr?do products include robust controlled-temperature reliability based on elimination of thermal excursions and low cost of ownership due to the reusable nature of the product.
Pelican BioThermal has also launched a new network of distribution partners in the region.
The company has joined forces with the region’s distinguished distributors, Pharmaserv Express of the Philippines and CMC Element of China, to further enhance its operations offering in Asia.
Pharmaserv Express works closely with national health services to skillfully transport pharmaceutical products throughout the complex geography of the Philippines.  CMC Element distributes a variety of health care products, including pharmaceuticals protected in temperature controlled packaging, across the vast Chinese market using their extensive network.
The new industry partnerships with these key distributors signals another major development in Pelican BioThermal’s expanding presence and support network in Asia, further enhancing the extending range of products and services offered by the company in the region. In particular, the new distributors enhance customer support for global customers shared with Pelican BioThermal, by offering local hours, local language and local service and inventory at the point of final distribution of pharmaceuticals.
Establishing a global network supports customers wherever they are located and establishing productive partnerships with reliable, reputable, dedicated distributors further strengthens the Asia based business offering.
Benson Teo, Pelican BioThermal’s Senior Director of Sales for Asia, said: “We are delighted to announce the latest additions to our expanding network of dedicated distributors. We welcome Pharmaserv Express and CMC Element to our Asia operations; these well-established partners will play a pivotal part in our expansion efforts in Asia.
“As the global cold chain logistics industry continues to thrive we want to further demonstrate we have the critical capabilities to support the growing Asia pharma marketplace.
“The region continues to be an area of pronounced growth for us and forging links with these well-established distribution partners will increase the company’s global reach and support network for customers.”
The company also announced new business offices in strategic market areas, including Asia, as part of its expanding network.  Based on increasing sales and distribution in Asia and Europe, offices were added in the Republic of Korea and Germany to support Pelican BioThermal’s global customers.
The launch of the new business offices demonstrates a definite growth trend for the company, which continues to expand its services and infrastructure globally.
As part of the Pelican BioThermal ongoing growth strategy, key is delivering excellent customer service and sales support in the same time zones, languages and culture to their worldwide customers with designated regional offices.
Products offered and supported include parcel and bulk size temperature controlled shippers, designed for single use or reuse and multiple temperature ranges.  Pharmaceutical companies and other companies focused on the specialized shipping requirements for delicate life sciences materials will be the primary customers benefitting from these additional business offices which will be supporting sales within northern Asia, including the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China and across Europe, with a focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
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