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Print Quality Control Throughout the Production Process

IPI speaks with Dr. Andre Schwarz of EyeC GmbH about how Pharmaceuticals and medical
devices require flawless printing of essential information

Q: EyeC is the only supplier on the market ensuring print quality throughout the production process, from the first artwork file to the finished product. Can you tell our readers how you started and where you are today as a company?

A: Established in 2002 by Dr. Ansgar Kaupp, Dirk Lütjens and Sören Springmann, EyeC still has its founding managing directors at the helm. Since our early beginnings to the present day, the pharmaceutical industry is still one of the main customers for our inspection systems. For example, 20 of the 25 largest pharmaceutical companies use EyeC systems in their quality control process and this is not only due to the precision of the devices, but also to the comprehensive service and expertise in dealing with regulated industries that we provide. GMP, CFR 21 part 11, FAT/SAT etc. are not alien concepts to us, but daily business, considering that we offer secured Workflows and an extended Validation Support. Over 3,000 systems are now in use by our customers, from artwork creation to sample tests, and EyeC offers a tailor-made solution for every need.

Q: Print Quality Control throughout the production process – what does it mean in terms of helping pharmaceutical companies gaining an upper hand?

A: We give pharmaceutical companies the right solution at every step of the print production process, starting from the creation of the artwork for a medicine box or a package insert, for example. This guarantees at an early stage that an error[1]free and legally compliant artwork is created. When printing the boxes or package inserts, all printed items can then be checked against the approved artwork, so that the print shop can guarantee that hundred percent of its production matches the printed image and the content required. The batch delivered by the printers can then be inspected directly on the customer’s premises using the random sampling method. In this way, a packaging hundred percent secure can be guaranteed at any point in the printing process. Pharmaceutical customers use the random sample inspection in most cases, and our software checks artwork, Braille, 1D and 2D codes in a single pass, so that the goods can be quickly but safely transferred to the production process. The inspection is carried out using qualified devices, and we support our customers in validating their processes, so they can be carried out in an inspection[1]safe manner and in accordance with all the relevant pharmaceutical standards.