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Proveris Scientific – Testing True Product Performance

Leader in spray and aerosol product testing and contract services. Trusted partner in product development from early stage R&D to manufacturing. Serving pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, CDO/CRO/CMOs, and regulatory agencies.

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Partners Through the Full Product Cycle:
Formulation Development > Device Development > Submission> Production

Proveris Scientific is an instrument and laboratory service company that creates today’s most advanced testing solutions for orally inhaled and nasal drug product (OINDP) drug development and manufacturing.

As partners to our clients we;

  • accelerate successful product development, and prevent late-stage development failures
  • realize significant savings in time and resources by streamlining testing workflows
  • evaluate the suitability of various OINDP delivery devices and optimize device parameters for maximum efficacy
  • optimize testing variables to maintain batch-to-batch reproducibility, simplifying regulatory submissions


The Proveris by Design™ process is the key to unlocking a successful product submission!

The unique, patented process employed by Proveris Laboratories is a launch point because it identifies the human usage performance of an OINDP according to current FDA and ICH guidelines for in vitro testing.

Lab Studies Offered:

Human Actuation Study • Method Development • Determining Optimum Actuation Profile • Reference Product Characterization – Shot weight – Droplet Size Distribution – Spray Pattern – Plume Geometry • Device Screening • Formulation Screening • Plume Velocity • Evaporation Rate • Regional Drug deposition (INVIDA) • Actuation Force Evaluation • Technology/Method Transfer

Device Types:

Nasal Sprays  •  pMDI (pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers)  •  Soft Mist Inhalers  •  DPIs (Dry Powder Inhalers)  •  Nebulizers  •  Oral Sprays  •  Topical Dermal Sprays  •  New Spray Product Types


Innovative Testing Platforms Advance the Science of Nasal and Inhaled Drug Delivery

Proveris instruments expedite drug product analysis by effectively streamlining laboratory workflows and eliminating manual processes.

SprayVIEW® Measurement System

The industry standard for measuring and analyzing the spray pattern, plume geometry and plume front velocity produced by spray and aerosol generating devices.

Vereo® Automated Actuators

Replicates human usage of spray and aerosol devices through reproducible, automated actuation to eliminate inconsistencies caused by manual testing.

Indizo® Automated Nasal Spray Collection System

Fully automates the labor-intensive and error-prone tasks of spraying, weighing and sample collection for pump delivery and dose content uniformity testing with vertically-actuated and side-actuated nasal spray devices.

KinaeroTM High-Throughput pMDI Fire-Down System

Precise, reproducible shaking and actuation for automated wasting of pMDI inhaler devices ensuring uniform dose delivery for through life testing.

Viota® Software

Powerful, yet intuitive software platform that drives Proveris’ whole suite of instrumentation

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