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RAPS Launches Global Compensation Survey of Regulatory Professionals

APS has launched its biennial survey of healthcare product regulatory professionals around the world, the Global Compensation & Scope of Practice Survey. It is the most comprehensive survey of regulatory professionals’ compensation, education, professional experience, demographics and work responsibilities.
The survey is open to anyone involved in healthcare product regulation or compliance, including those who work in industry, government, law, research, consulting or any other relevant areas. The 2018 survey will close after 18 May.
“RAPS has been conducting this research for more than 20 years, and it has been invaluable in improving understanding of the regulatory profession and its evolution,” said RAPS Executive Director Paul Brooks.
“It also yields extremely useful compensation data, giving individuals, regulatory employers, recruiters and other stakeholders insight into regulatory professionals’ compensation, trends and the factors that most directly influence compensation. This year, we are able to offer participants even greater value by providing them with a personal profile they can use to benchmark themselves against the aggregated survey results.”
The results of the 2018 survey are expected to be released in August.