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RAUMEDIC is building a development center and high-tech production plant in the US

RAUMEDIC, the development partner and system supplier for polymer-based components and systems in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry, is investing 27.1 million US dollars to construct a new production center in the US. With the decision to build the US headquarters with development center and clean room production in North Carolina, RAUMEDIC provides its North American customers a local service center. RAUMEDIC sets its course for another positive growth development in the largest and most innovative medical market in the world.
RAUMEDIC Inc., has been distributing tubing, molded parts and catheters, which until now had been produced exclusively in Germany, to North America for over ten years. “Our new production center in the US will combine the strengths of our German and American engineering. This will give rise to high-quality polymer extrusion, injection molded and assembled products for our North American customers. Henderson County in northwestern North Carolina offers us experienced and skilled employees and the ideal business environment for our investments,” says Martin Bayer, CEO of RAUMEDIC AG.
RAUMEDIC has over sixty years of experience in plastics processing. Selected cutting-edge technologies include micro extrusion with an interior diameter of 0.004” (0.1 mm) and a multilayer structures including encapsulated radiopaque stripes, multi-component injection molding with hard/soft combinations, film blowing and the fully-automated assembly processes including 100% camera control. Based on its decades of chemistry- and raw-material competence, RAUMEDIC processes all common medical-grade thermoplastics and silicones. These include own compounds and high temperature polymers such as PEEK, FEP and PTFE. Based on demand, RAUMEDIC will implement these technologies at its new location.
RAUMEDIC will invest 27.1 million US dollars by 2022. 10.6 million of this will go towards the construction of the new building, including a state-of-the-art clean room production facility. A two-story administration and production building with a total area of 60,000 ft² (5,600 m²) will be built in the open countryside. Up to 22,000 ft² (2,000 m²) of this will be available for production. RAUMEDIC Inc. will start there in January of 2016 with more than 50 employees and increase this number gradually to over 100. This will create long-term jobs for specialists in the areas of clean room production, engineering, research and development, laboratory work, logistics, marketing and sales and administration.
As a part of the REHAU Group, a family company for polymer solutions active worldwide with 18,000 employees, RAUMEDIC is already expanding its German headquarters in Helmbrechts, Bavaria at a cost of around 32 million US dollars. This will create another 190 jobs in the upcoming years. With both investments, RAUMEDIC is setting a course for further positive growth and its international commitment as a polymer specialist in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.