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Secure product digitalization with gambling features

The approach taken in the development of this innovative anti-cloning security seal was that product verification should offer entertainment value as part of the authentication process. Not only was the scanning of the digital unique code on each label required, but also additional playful elements were integrated to provide another protection layer against possible manipulation.

This is how the digital anti-cloning label with VOID effect and game character was created by the research department of the security printing company Securikett.

Short video about the Anti-Cloning Security Label

How the Anti-Cloning Closing Label works

Consumers can use their cell phone or tablet to verify whether the visible QR code on the label is genuine. To prevent the code from being copied or used more than once, a multicolor symbol code was implemented.

This consists of 64 possible symbols with different backgrounds, three of which are visible on the label, while the fourth symbol only becomes visible after it has been scratched free. On the mobile code response page, the symbols that directly correlate with the code are visible. Only when these match 100% in shape and background is the product uniquely verified. With this anti-cloning technology, enhanced security and a fun factor are pre-programmed into the label and easily checked by scanning the UID. If an attempt is made to transfer the label to another product, this will be detected by the VOID effect being triggered.

Anti-Cloning Security Labels

This label is just one example of what can be done to secure goods with a multifactor security code, and at the same time offer consumers an additional incentive to scan the product and obtain further product information.

In addition to symbols, alphanumeric characters or numbers could also be selected. The variants are countless.

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