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Smart solutions and more – OPTIMA pharma offers a glimpse into the future

Smart Solutions for Pharma experts – this is the Optima Pharma theme at Achema 2018. Small batch sizes and flexible filling equipment and processes are trending requirements for the pharmaceutical industry. With the MultiUse platform, Optima Pharma offers a concept for pharmaceutical companies to handle small batch sizes and diverse container types. Optima Pharma also introduces Comprehensive Scientific Process Engineering (CSPE) – a process that generates a timeline from the order to start of production that is safe and efficient. The freeze dryer CS and the sterility test isolator STISO are two new developments by Optima Pharma and will be displayed at Achema.
MultiUse – flexible machinery for small batch sizes and diverse container types
Highly specialized products in small quantities and different drug delivery systems – the trend to flexibility – present a challenge for pharmaceutical companies. It makes a change in thinking necessary, since niche products require a completely different production process than Blockbuster pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical companies that produce small quantities need flexible machines that can process small batch sizes and different container types. At the same time, it is essential to maintain the high level requirements for product quality and patient safety. Optima Pharma meets this trend with our MultiUse platform, a preview of this technology will be presented at our booth. The MultiUse machines are proficient in processing different primary packaging materials – vials, syringes, cartridges – and only have a minimum space requirement, since the basic machine does not have to be exchanged. Users will also save time due to the adjustable transport system that does not require any format parts. A variety of technologies minimizes product loss. Re-dosing upon request, short hose lines, 100%-In-Process-Control for vials, syringes and cartridges, weigh-dosing, re-capping upon request and much more.
Comprehensive Scientific Process Engineering – an answer to current developments for sterile filling
The needs of the pharmaceutical and biotech users are changing. The decision about a specific machine configuration is made later and later in the project process. In order to react to these changes Optima Pharma developed the CSPE-process. CSPE, the Comprehensive Scientific Process Engineering, revolutionizes the digital project management, planning and realization of pharmaceutical filling equipment; this technology will be introduced during the Achema 2018 show. The combination of scientific methods and technological processes makes the time from the order to the production start safe and as short as possible. For example, simulations to recognize and avoid the problem zones of the laminar flow are already present during the design phase. VHP decontamination can also be simulated. This reveals, at an early stage, if all surfaces inside the machine are decontaminated. Simulation also reduces development time tremendously.
A freeze dryer especially designed for small and medium size batches: the GT-CS
The freeze dryer CS from Optima Pharma targets maximum flexibility. It is customized for products that are new to the market and are produced in small and medium sized batches. The freeze dryer CS is designed to be installed into existing buildings and can be flexibly configured for an optimized overall layout. It is also economical due to its compact design. The CS can be installed as a Monobloc or dual bloc, guaranteeing safe and fast commissioning.
The STISO from METALL+PLASTIC sets new standards in isolator technology
Visitors at the Optima booth will find out why the sterility test isolator STISO from Metall+Plastic, a subsidiary of Optima, is setting a new standard in isolator technology. The STISO is used for aseptic and aseptic-toxic products. Advantages are, among other things, a well-designed operator ergonomic concept, full flexibility due to its modular design, fast installation, as well as a glove testing system integrated in the HMI. Due to the catalytic conversion and the DECOjet® technology the STISO achieves extreme short cycle times during the contamination. Because of the H2O2 flash evaporation, the STISO is very low maintenance. We will also be displaying a decontamination system that is even faster than the established DECOjet, the DECOpulse® system. This system creates less droplets than typical dispersion systems.
Laser cutting and individual dosing: OPTIMA pharma presents expertise in diagnostics
Experts demonstrate their knowledge with the Linoline machine – i.e. individual weighing and individual dosing. The individual weighing of cavities and the allocation to serialized cartridges are among the highlights of the displayed machine. Each cavity can be individually filled and weighed. Eight different products can be filled during one filling process. The Optima Pharma experts will also show how the laser cutting of cartridges increases the availability of the machine and reduces wear at the booth. Optima Pharma is the leader in leak testing for filled cartridges. The innovative solution offers the testing of each individual chamber and is less expensive than the systems of the competition.
Digital solutions support operators and help to avoid damage to machinery
Experts will explain the benefits of the digital technologies developed by Optima Pharma on the SV 125 show machine. In order to facilitate a safe and quick format changeover, Optima Pharma developed a process to mark format parts with a 2D-Matrix code. The advantage: by scanning the code, the operator can see how to position the format part. Therefore, damage due to incorrectly installed format parts is now avoided. The new HMI display makes the search for an error fast and convenient; this can also be seen on the machine displayed at the booth. Performance data is visualized and allows optimization of the machine, instead of a fault message, the HMI displays a precise three-dimensional machine model.
The Life Cycle Management OPTIMA Total Care maximizes the possibilities of digitalization
Digitalization is not just a catchphrase at Optima – this is demonstrated by our Life Cycle Management system known as “Optima Total Care”. The program was introduced at Interpack 2017 and includes services for each phase of the machine lifecycle. From the planning of the installation including maintenance to retrofitting the machine, Optima assists customers with digital technology. The OPAL software supports machine users during production planning and data acquisition. Mixed reality systems are used wherever it is beneficial – for example during operator training at the Virtual Realty Center of the Packaging Valley or with head-mounted displays that can be used for the operation and maintenance of the machinery.