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SMi Presents their 2nd Annual: Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI)

Date: 21st – 22nd May 2018
Workshop: 23rd May 2018
Location: Holiday Inn, Kensington Forum, London, UK
SMi is delighted to announce its 2nd Annual Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients conference coming to London on the 21st – 22nd May 2018.
The global market for Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients is currently on a growth fast track, largely driven by its major use in oncology for cancer treatment and more often in the form of ADCs. Over a quarter of drugs worldwide now contain HPAPIs, as they have proven to be more effective than other APIs.
However, working with APIs high in potency and cytotoxicity comes with many regulations and requirements, and presents pharmaceutical companies with challenges such as handling, containment, cost and security questions.
This conference will cover many important and in-demand aspects of the HPAPI industry, creating a networking platform for industry professionals and key players to share their knowledge and find new innovative solutions.
How Will You Benefit?
Network and learn from leading professionals such as:
Justin Mason-Home, Director, HPAPI Project Services Limited

  • Ildikó Zeigler, Validation Expert, Gedeon Richter
  • Ulrich Ruemenapp, Head of Launch Preparation and Coordination, Bayer
  • Vincenzo De Sio, HPAPI Specialist, Cristália
  • Pascal Drago, Principal Technical Manager, Roche
  • Henri Motte, Head of Pilot Plant, UCB Pharma
  • Jeff Parry, Senior Scientist Manufacturability, AstraZeneca
  • Greg Sowell, Principal Scientific Manager, Genentech


  • Discover practical approaches to HPAPI manufacturing in a controlled and efficient manner
  • Explore different containment methods and learn about which strategy best suits your needs
  • Evaluate the use of containment risk mitigation tools in early phase development
  • Learn how to manage and effectively and safely dispose of HPAPI, post-production waste
  • Discuss the most important regulations surrounding potent ingredients

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