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Solutions to blind single and double-blind trials Melsungen, July 7, 2015

Today, the labels of investigational products are no longer used as mere carriers of specified contents, explains Frank Jäger, Managing Director of Faubel. They have become multifunctional tools which are able to convey variable data in different languages, blind contents, indicate first opening and product originality or support ease of us.
Research companies in the pharmaceutical industry are frequently faced with the challenge of appropriately blinding the study medication in clinical trials so that the trial investigators, nursing staff, participating patients as well as the persons in charge of handling the data are unaware of the treatment administered to individual patients.
Avoiding influences
Vials, bottles, boxes, tubes and blister packs can be fully covered by a special single and multi-layer label with the necessary dosage instructions. They may be completed with various options like an integrated hoop for hanging a bottle, documentary sections, and security features such as tamper-evident seals or a code-break function that protects trial-specific data against tampering.
Often, it is not enough to simply cover up existing labels or surfaces. The product color, the glass or even impressions in the glass or plastic can allow conclusions to be drawn as to the contents. First-class blinding label solutions that are applied at late stage saves both time and costs – by avoiding elaborate color-matching between liquid placebo and active substance groups in the formulation phase or while searching for a fitting comparator.
Blinding boxes
A blinding box made from opaque cardboard can make the circumference and height of a container, as well as the color of its contents, completely unrecognizable. The container is held stable in the center of the box. Boxes can be printed on the inside in color in order to give the active substance and the placebo groups the impression that both trial products are the same color.
Caption Faubel blinding boxes: Blinding boxes are developed individually and tested for criteria such as adaptability and user-friendliness.
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