Current Edition

Stoelzle pursues their path towards establishing sustainably long-term success

Being sustainably successful as an international enterprise for Stoelzle means acting responsibly,
improving the working conditions and quality of life of our employees, as well as securing the
opportunities of future generations. So we have a clear picture in mind when managing the company:
our goal is to sustainably increase the value of the Stoelzle Glass Group from an ecological, social and
economic perspective.
The Stoelzle Sustainability Roadmap 2025 pursues ambitious goals. Being a sustainable company, we
focus on the following pillars related to sustainability: our employees, a resource- and energy-efficient
production and, the responsibility towards our business partners such as suppliers, customers and
consumers, too.
In our Sustainability Strategy 2025 there’s a clear focus set on energy efficiency, decarbonization and
recycling management. As a consequence, the Sustainability Road Map 2025 has been designed to
meet especially the requirements of these main areas and will come into force immediately with all its
goals and measures.
For us it is important not to simply renew our voluntary commitment to continuously improve our
ecological, social and economic performance, but we strongly commit ourselves to contributing
significantly to the “European Green Deal”.
The Stoelzle Sustainability Report 2019 has been published with the title “Continuing our sustainable
way for the next decade” and provides comprehensive information about our way to a sustainable future,
including all the steps we have made in this field so far.

It is available as PDF file to be downloaded from
our website, and can be requested from our administrative Stoelzle team, as well.