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‘TARGET My Hives’ a new digital support network for people affected by chronic urticaria – available on Android and iOS –

  • Exco InTouch announces the development of TARGET My Hives – an innovative digital health network for people affected by chronic urticaria (hives)
  • Its mission is to connect everyone living with and impacted by hives and to help them actively take control of their condition
  • If you would like to join the network visit and download the Android or iOS versions of the App

20 June 2016: Exco InTouch, a leading provider of digital health technology, announces the launch of the TARGET My Hives app for Android– the digital healthcare platform is now available in both Android and iOS systems. It is the first digital health community for everyone impacted by chronic urticaria, creating a vital support network that the patients have long needed. By enabling wider communication, it will reduce the sense of isolation that people with the condition often feel; it is about sharing experiences and help. Ultimately, TARGET My Hives seeks to improve patient outcomes by also integrating physicians and patient associations into the network.
Patients with chronic urticaria (commonly referred to as hives), can suffer from sudden occurrence of red, itchy rashes or angioedema with rapid swelling in the deeper layers of the skin.The condition is often triggered by external factors, including sunlight and water, but it can also occur spontaneously, without any identifiable triggers.1 Patients with chronic urticaria are often left alone to cope with the condition and eventually stop seeking help; many have even given up on visiting their doctor.2
TARGET My Hives is already operating successfully, having attracted over 2,000 patient registrations from 61 different countries. Since the iOS app went live in May, the social community for chronic urticaria has developed rapidly with growing levels of active participation. Patients are using the community to communicate with each other, sharing their experiences and giving each other first hand advice – it’s an invaluable support group. The network is providing a platform through which patients have the opportunity to openly discuss their condition and feelings, removing any stigma or sense of isolation felt previously.
Tim Davis, CEO and founder of Exco InTouch commented: “TARGET My Hives” is proving its value in opening up the much needed conversation between people affected and the wider healthcare community. To date, patients have already been reporting how much it is helping them manage their condition, and empowering them to share their own knowledge that may help others. Our mission is to connect everyone, patients, physicians and support groups together. But most importantly, we want to use technology to help patients to actively take control of the condition.
TARGET My Hives will allow patients to learn from others how to manage their disease, set goals for themselves and to share results and outcomes with others. By motivating and supporting each other, TARGET My Hives helps patients to actively take control of their condition. The app also aims to enhance awareness and visibility for patient advocacy groups, acting as a conduit for expanded content and networking opportunities for patients
TARGET My Hives is owned and maintained by Exco InTouch who have extensive experience and a track record of innovation in digital health programs. It is no easy task to develop such a comprehensive support group running across multiple devices and platforms – and Exco InTouch are globally recognized as digital health experts that leverage proven technologies to put patients at the heart of solutions.
Another key factor in the success of their health programs has been the company’s commitment to data privacy and security, an essential component in achieving patient trust, through its partnership with Regulatory Strategies. In fact, two years ahead of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect, Exco InTouch introduced a fully compliant regulatory Data Protection Officer. The website and mobile application were developed with funding and support from Novartis Pharma AG.
The app is now available for download on the iTunes App Store and on the Google Play store for Android devices. Find out more on