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The LSC-8000 – A new Scintillation Counter

Zinsser Analytic presents a new product – the LSC-8000. With its advanced features, the LSC-8000 allows greater accuracy and faster measurements in liquid scintillation counting. As the system is small and compact, only a small space in the laboratory is required.The LSC-8000 has high resolution counting features thus providing reliability. Both ³H and 14C regions, which are common nuclides in liquid scintillation counting, are counted at an outstanding resolution of 0.05 keV/ch. Various sizes of sample vials are also supported. The LSC-8000 provides compatibility not only for the more common 20 ml vials, but also for mini vials and micro tubes to meet various measurement demands. Furthermore the instrument offers automatic quench correction through ESCR and SCCR, an anti-static device for chemiluminescence, photoluminescence and isotope half-life correction.
The AccuFLEX LSC-8000, manufactured by HITACHI ALOKA, supports measurement in both analytical and mechanical aspects in addition to conventional technologies, and ensures accuracy and flexibility for research laboratories. The instrument is user friendly, having many features to support data reliability and really good functions to visualize all measurements in liquid scintillation counting.
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