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The Smarter Solution: Eppendorf BioFlo® 320 Bioprocess Control Station

The BioFlo 320 is the next generation in bioprocess control. Designed as a universal platform, the BioFlo 320 is capable of meeting the ever-changing needs of scientists in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. The BioFlo320 has the right combination of features to get the job done.

•               Universal gas control strategy for both microbial and cell culture applications
•               Multi-unit control of up to eight systems from a single interface improves efficiency
•               Direct integration of digital Mettler Toledo® ISM platform provides universal sensor connectivity
•               Built-in optical pH sensing technology for use with BioBLU® Single-use Vessels
Combined with a sincere commitment to quality, the BioFlo 320 truly is the premium choice in bench-scale bioprocess control stations.