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Tive is the leading provider of in-transit shipment visibility solutions. Hundreds of global brands use Tive every day to actively optimise shipments, improve the customer experience, and unlock actionable supply chain insights. Our portfolio of industry-leading solutions empowers logistics professionals to actively manage shipments—via road, air, ocean, and rail. 

Tive is revolutionising real-time monitoring of pharmaceutical and biological shipments. Using Tive’s hyper-accurate trackers, carriers and receivers monitor the location and condition of shipments—including temperature, humidity, shock, and light—in real-time. Tive Solo 5G trackers capture and transmit hyper-accurate location, temperature, humidity, shock, and light exposure—from point of origin to point of use. With Tive, you can cover the full range of temperatures to support cold chain requirements—including dry ice and cryogenic shipments—all from one company. The Tive Tag shipping label is the most cost-effective, easiest-to-use temperature logger to monitor end-to-end cold chain shipments. 


The data captured by Tive solutions integrate seamlessly into ERP, TMS, WMS, and other corporate solutions. As an additional service, the Tive 24/7 Live Monitoring team monitors your shipments and works with carriers to prevent delays and damage.

Company contacts:

Alex Guillen
SME – Life Sciences and Pharma Europe
Dennis Perjet
VP of Sales